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  1. Where do i start? Was intending to buy this but its so bad, just sits there in middle of cave saying running from pkers before theyve even attacked, then when they finally attack it tries to run and dies.
  2. Keeps getting stuck either just before clan portal or just before fairy ring with ardy cloak
  3. i Have the same exact problem, I would like a refund please.
  4. Any chance of using the bank all button instead of manually banking the items? Might speed it up a bit , not that its slow atm. Edit: Other than above script works perfectly, only gripe I have is when you run out of materials the script does not end, it just stands there and keeps re-logging in. Did this to me for about 5 hours earlier. Thanks for the script though.
  5. [13:35:23] java.util.ConcurrentModificationException[13:35:23] at java.util.ArrayList$Itr.checkForComodification(Unknown Source)[13:35:23] at java.util.ArrayList$Itr.next(Unknown Source)[13:35:23] at scripts.starfox.api2007.walking.a.b.H(AStarPathfinder.java:230)[13:35:23] at scripts.starfox.api2007.walking.a.b.H(AStarPathfinder.java:151)[13:35:23] at scripts.starfox.api2007.entities.c.D(Entities.java:452)[13:35:23] at scripts.starfox.api2007.entities.p.(Objects07.java:188) [13:35:23] at scripts.starfox.api2007.entities.p.H(Objects07.java:202)[13:35:23] at scripts.starfox.api2007.entities.d.H(Objects07.java:250)[13:35:23] at scripts.starfox.api2007.entities.d.E(Objects07.java:88)[13:35:23] at scripts.scripting.motherlodeminerOLD.script.states.kb.j(MotherlodeScriptManager.java:256)[13:35:23] at scripts.scripting.motherlodeminerOLD.TauMotherlodeMiner.run(TauMotherlodeMiner.java:96)[13:35:23] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
  6. Works well, dies sometimes due to lag but that can't be helped, all in all very pleased. just havent had an item in 400 kills lol.
  7. Noticed a bug where it gets down to 1hp, spends too long getting fully absorp potion and it regens to 2hp, then tries to rock cake to 1hp again.. . == edit: seem to have resolved it
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