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  1. deleted hooks.dat, using the most up to date version and still having the same issues as last time
  2. mine just runs over to the side and clicks on the same spot over and over, dies and logs out. if i correct it myself moving its position, it goes to flick rapid heal as the command but it just clicks on the prayer tab over and over and again, just dies and logs out.
  3. hey. well i messed up a bit and accidently clicked on some other java platform se binary thing by mistake, and the tribot loader.jar wouldnt open up anymore. after fiddling around online ith not much luck i ended up making a .bat file to open it instead. using javaw.exe -jar TRibot_Loader.jar it works, but i dont like clicking the .bat file to open up tribot, i want to be able to double click it again. (tried the jarfix program etc, didnt work). please help, ty.
  4. Where can I find hooks.dat ? And yes I'm on the normal client, I think the flickering is causing some problems too, since others are doing alright. Thank you for the speedy response too btw, I appreciate the help.
  5. @Aropupu just trying out this script at green sallies and it isnt getting the tree id's. what am i doing wrong? i've tried retsarting it too
  6. Last location before getting banned?: Seers village rooftop Skill botted?: agility Breaks or no? yes If so how long?: 30 minutes How long did you bot per day?: 7 hours Banned before?: no Type of ban?: 2 day VPS/VPN/Proxy?: (Yes / No/ Which) no Scripts Used? agility v2 Other Bots Used?: sigma magic How many bots at a time were being run?: 2 Date banned?: 5th june 2017 Fresh account/Days acc used?: 7 days
  7. i followed the guide to set up the script but its not working. it says build the object, then when on the screen it says its getting its position and doesnt do anything at all.
  8. nevermind, got the account back, turns out i just kept entering my password wrong
  9. just bought this script after 25mins of the trial. very well designed and easy to use
  10. @Aropupu [06:29:26] Downloading script 'aAgility [Premium]'.[06:29:27] Script Started: aAgility [Premium].[06:29:40] Disabled all randoms. [07:02:10] Login bot started.[07:02:10] Login Bot: Login...[07:02:11] Login Bot: Login...[07:02:12] Login Bot: Login...[07:02:14] Login Bot: Login...[07:02:15] Login Bot: Login...[07:02:16] Login bot failed.[07:02:19] Script Ended: aAgility [Premium]. the script was on the portion of the agility course called "Hand Holds" and for the second time on a portion called "Roof Jump 1" the reason this one lasted for a while was because i babysat it,
  11. @Aropupu the script stops on the falador course after 7 minutes. it tries to log itself out. please fix, I'm using the premium version if that helps in identifying.
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