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  1. so is that the issue then? the proxy is not good? thought i did something wrong when i entered it on Tribot
  2. After putting my proxy on my account keeps getting connection lost every 40 seconds or so, any solutions Thanks
  3. scripts not working properly keeps trying to lay 4 traps when i can only lay 3 with my hunter level? please fix
  4. Can you please link how to delete the .tribot folder i can't seem to find it Thanks
  5. Try increasing mouse speed on GUI worked for me kept on dying on hybrid phase im currently running 230 seems fine
  6. Not sure why it runs to the white wolf mountain when going to bank using the charter method?
  7. Oh.. i never had rock cake entered with id, added now lets see how it goes Thanks dude
  8. Why does it bank my rock cake all the time when i start at bank? if i start the bot inside the dream works fine then when it rebanks it banks the cake??
  9. drilon

    EzConstruction 1-33 (or 99)

    Scripts broken turns building mode on then constantly clicks on building mode when its on? does nothing apart from click building mode
  10. drilon

    |w| Constructor [REWRITTEN 2.0] [ABC2 L10]

    Not working for me keeps saying no present selected. Creat a present to begin im entering the larder space oak larder hitting search nothings working...
  11. had a few bans at chins even after ABC2 but at the end of the day this is a bot and nothing is 100% secure, just bot smart with breaks and maybe a proxy IP, also train the account for a week or so before you do bot.
  12. An update took place today on the script, v3.04, I am guessing that the tournament worlds are fixed.
  13. drilon


    Bot just keeps talking to him going through 2 texts then clicking on him again.. cant seem to follow text to the puzzle please fix?
  14. drilon


    So much fucking requirements for this the feud.. Itchrins little helper ect.. woow nvm