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  1. looking for a possible cbow to gmaul ahk method. Thanks!
  2. I've started the script from 50fm and it got banned after roughly 6 hours (with breaks). Any suggestions why?
  3. Yeah not working for me either with cakes wierd..
  4. Wont work for me even after entering the Key Den Says Wrong key idelling
  5. Not working for me even after i enter den says wrong key idelling
  6. Hello My tribot keeps getting stuck on ' Downloading Jar' can anyone help please?
  7. I'm chosing a certain Location at Zeah shoreline but it just randomly runs different places and clicking out at sea. I tried Custom tiles but that is also showing the same results. Any fixes?
  8. After roughly 2 hours of botting, tribot ends the script after showing me this message. 'The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Stopping script (1)' what does this mean and is there a way of fixing it?
  9. My tribot is unable to load any scripts which I try. Any one had a similar problem before?
  10. How do i get the V3 version I only see v2 on the respitory
  11. so is that the issue then? the proxy is not good? thought i did something wrong when i entered it on Tribot
  12. After putting my proxy on my account keeps getting connection lost every 40 seconds or so, any solutions Thanks
  13. scripts not working properly keeps trying to lay 4 traps when i can only lay 3 with my hunter level? please fix
  14. Can you please link how to delete the .tribot folder i can't seem to find it Thanks
  15. Try increasing mouse speed on GUI worked for me kept on dying on hybrid phase im currently running 230 seems fine
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