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  1. Scripts broken turns building mode on then constantly clicks on building mode when its on? does nothing apart from click building mode
  2. Not working for me keeps saying no present selected. Creat a present to begin im entering the larder space oak larder hitting search nothings working...
  3. had a few bans at chins even after ABC2 but at the end of the day this is a bot and nothing is 100% secure, just bot smart with breaks and maybe a proxy IP, also train the account for a week or so before you do bot.
  4. An update took place today on the script, v3.04, I am guessing that the tournament worlds are fixed.
  5. Bot just keeps talking to him going through 2 texts then clicking on him again.. cant seem to follow text to the puzzle please fix?
  6. So much fucking requirements for this the feud.. Itchrins little helper ect.. woow nvm
  7. Seems not, as my account just got perm banned. Would not recommend, just got ban hammer lol
  8. Is this currently ABC2 ? is it still up and running to the new update
  9. Is this script ever going to get ABC2 or is the best hunting script out there left for dead?
  10. 1 hour at black chins through looking glass got banned, guess ill wait till ABC2 is added great script though flawless
  11. What happend to looking glass? was using it yesterday restarted client and no longer there? tried re-installing client still gone..
  12. What happend to Looking glass? was using it restarted client and it's not there..??
  13. I said I think.. was not to sure hence the .. "I think" my personal opinion in no way did I try to hurt the scripts image
  14. I got no idea how to operate that mind telling me abit more dude? would appriciate it thank's !