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  1. Not sure what's wrong. Whatever I do, the bot just logs me out few seconds after starting it. What could I be doing wrong?
  2. Tried cannon and alching, the bot starts alching everything in my invetory lol... Edit: Restarted the client and it works fine now. Could you possibly set a little delay in between alches, it keeps clicking on the spellbook when it's not necessary. Edit2: Now the bot is no longer clicking on the cannon, I really want to buy this script but not at this state. I suppose the last update messed up the script or script.
  3. Not sure whats happening with my bot but, I think the butler is bugging. Whenever he leaves to the bank, the bot keeps on trying to call him but instead of clicking on "call servant" it clicks on the toggle run button.
  4. Been botting since late 2000s, from my experience almost any money making script will get you banned eventually. Unlike other less profitable ones, in the past Ive gotten 99 agility, maxed cb, construction without a ban. On my main I've never botted money making skills
  5. As the title says, since I'm trying to avoid gaining any HP levels, I was wondering is there a bot on which you can toggle whether you want to attack or not & just use the cannon instead. I had found some in the repository that are specifically for cannoning but it has been a while since their last update, soo I'm not too sure whether I should risk it or not.
  6. I'm having a problem, not sure whats happening. The bot doesn't seem to send the butler to the bank, and if it does its a 1 time thing and then it just stand there... Edit: Sorry just realized I wasnt running 64bit, think this might be the problem, I'll download it and give it a try again. Edit2: That was my problem, sorry for being a noob. I was running looking glass on 32bit version. Works flawless now.
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