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  1. The rates are all pretty crap lol boogla often have the best rates however
  2. Orphan disciples is a gay as fuck name for a clan.
  3. Just powermine to 85, and start mining runite for 4m/day ez profit
  4. Looks pretty awesome, shame the software is wasted on wc bots. rather than decent money making methods
  5. Put chilli powder in it
  6. All three monitors have to be digital video output or analogue output. you cannot mix and match. HDMI and DVI are digital. AVI is analogue. Have fun.
  7. What is your issue?:Bot is not resetting crabs efficiently What happened exactly?:The bot did a world hop. and logged in at the west waterbirth crab position. the bot showed attacking crabs however it needed to perform reset crabs What was the status on the paint?: attacking crabs Client debug?:[12:14:43] Login bot started. I'm not sure how you determine that you need to reset crabs in your script. But it looks like its based on being idle for a certain amount of time. Maybe you could search if rocks are contained in the squares around the character when it is in the correct position and has been idle for over 30 seconds or so.
  8. I tried running again and I am facing the same issue. If you're using the NPC Chat choose option and the string in the parameters is equal to one of the chat options. Then yeah this is a tribot issue. @ TRiLeZ
  9. What is your issue?:Will not select YES on the travel to waterbirth NPCChat. What happened exactly?:when banking for supplies it will walk to the boat, select travel and click through the chat options until the YES NO message. It will then reloop the travel portion of the script, making the character loop continuously. What Area were you on?: West waterbirth What was the status on the paint?: returning. Who is your slayer master?: not applicable Client debug?: [16:53:52] Starting client. [16:57:53] Downloading script 'Mute's Rock Crab Killer'.[16:57:55] Script Started: Mute's Rock Crab Killer.[16:57:59] Login bot started.[16:57:59] Login Bot: Login...[16:58:18] Login bot succeeded.[17:09:07] Your character has not moved in five minutes, please wait while the script thread is restarted.[17:12:21] Player is in spot, waiting 2 minutes to hop.[17:12:34] Script Ended: Mute's Rock Crab Killer.[17:13:01] Downloading script 'Mute's Rock Crab Killer'.[17:13:03] Script Started: Mute's Rock Crab Killer.[17:14:20] Script Ended: Mute's Rock Crab Killer.[17:16:56] Downloading script 'Mute's Rock Crab Killer'.[17:16:58] Script Started: Mute's Rock Crab Killer.[17:19:35] Selected food: 329[17:19:43] Detected freezing, restarting walkPath... < - Looping the travel to waterbirth.[17:20:34] Detected freezing, restarting walkPath...[17:21:12] Detected freezing, restarting walkPath...[17:22:17] Detected freezing, restarting walkPath... Please Maintain your script. We already have one premium rock crabs script being neglected on tribot.
  10. That sounds like legal advice from Micheal Scott.
  11. Spot on. Thanks for the clarification. Its a shame there are no decent thieving bots.
  12. What if the script writer is banned and their script is made free? am I entitled to a refund then?
  13. Had a look at the trial of this script it really needs to be worked on its movements are really bot like. it has a very long sleep before selecting an option after right clicking an npc