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  1. Its NOT food that usually makes you fat , its SUGAR , and these weight losing pills can ruin your metabolism and could cause alot of side effects like alot of zits and exhaustness. Let always your water be your solution always try to drink 1-2 glasses water before eating something . If someone need any more addional help i will be very happy to help , MY kik : Gurkish , or Alexander Caliskan
  2. First of all i am tired of people who say ''i exercise so much i do my best i cannot lose weight. It comes into two different type of problems. One is metabolism , second is that your basically not feeding your body the good amount of calories and vitamins & fibers each days. First of all you have to be patient , losing weight requires alot of patience , at the beginning it goes so slow that you almost want to give up but later on it speds up abit. When come to nutrition , always cling yourself to spicy food , spicy food helps you burn alot of fat if you exercise. Water is the most important thing in losing weight also trying to eating 5 times a day. I lost about 33kilograms (72pounds) in about 6 months , and my method was going out in the morning and powerwalking with empty stomac. Its kinda cheating that you confuse your body in a unhealty way but its definetly worth it. you can drink just some water if you want to (i skipped that). Then for the living i tend to eat alot of rich fibre & mineral food and fruits. Hope it helps and happy building .