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  1. EyezAllRed

    VPn/Proxy Noob

    Thanks looks pretty rs-geared as well.
  2. EyezAllRed

    VPn/Proxy Noob

    I am interested in a VPN/Proxy, I'm willing to pay but am quite inexperienced with these. In the past I've used soft ether VPN but am willing to pay more to have a less-used sever. Please give me a reccomendation for a simple and cheap vpn. I am wiling to pay extra as I know my home IP is heavily flagged. Thanks guys and sorry for being stupid aha
  3. EyezAllRed

    Master Runecrafter AIO - Free & flawless!

    I have an account you can test abyss with hmu
  4. EyezAllRed

    Not able to create Runescape account.

    update: I still can't create one. Holy shit. 9. Either every IP I switch to is miraculously a dud or if Jagex is in that black van outside my house OR most likely, they somehow see my computer. I have tried everything else browser wise at this point maybe I'll try a different browser.
  5. EyezAllRed

    Not able to create Runescape account.

    I have tried using different proxies. Keep getting the same message. Yes, I'm SURE my IP is actually being changed. I'll try clearing cookies, browser history and s uff even though that shouldn't matter and try again after like 24 hours.
  6. Today I attempted to create an account and could not. First, at the sign in page I was redirected to the page where you fill in info to make the account, I filled in email, password etc. and it proceeded to reload the page with a message telling me "Unfortunately you are not elidgable to create a Runescape account". I tried doing some research but apparently this is somewhat uncommon. I do not regularly create accounts more than anyone else who bots nor have I been involved with anything too shady lately haha. I've waited a day, changed my IP address and tried different routes of account create, all to no success. Any solutions?
  7. EyezAllRed

    [Woodcutting] Teak logs

    Hmu on skype
  8. EyezAllRed

    Private script

    Yes I've found some talent. Just getting a feel
  9. EyezAllRed

    Private script

    How much does a relatively simple, yet profitable private script run for (I know they vary dramatically) and what is the potential of turning it into a Premium; with the coder of coarse. Just curious. Thanks guys.
  10. You'll all see hahahaha

  11. EyezAllRed

    Fishing Trawler?

    Can a mod delete please?
  12. EyezAllRed

    Fishing Trawler?

    Pm for inquiries. I have resources. I'll take the post down tomorrow.
  13. EyezAllRed

    Fishing Trawler?