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  1. Thanks looks pretty rs-geared as well.
  2. I am interested in a VPN/Proxy, I'm willing to pay but am quite inexperienced with these. In the past I've used soft ether VPN but am willing to pay more to have a less-used sever. Please give me a reccomendation for a simple and cheap vpn. I am wiling to pay extra as I know my home IP is heavily flagged. Thanks guys and sorry for being stupid aha
  3. Everyone who has Skyped me has gotten free accounts.
  4. Still have 20
  5. I have 20 reserved for people and have 20 left add my skype @ mariposasam
  6. Dug up 20 more 200-2000 days old doc ones
  7. Skype me. We're down to the tip givers
  8. Guys Skype me I'm getting BLOWN UP. 10m donated so far you guys are amazing. Giving away 20+ for encouragement. Best way is add my Skype @ mariposasam.
  9. Hey community. I have 108 account, varying in age from 200-3000 days old. I am not selling these accounts. But I'd be lieing if I said I wasn't accepting donations in rs3/osgp. I am doing this because due to changes in my life I've been primarily playing on my main and not botting but have these sitting here. -I DID NOT crack these accounts. -No gaurunteed stats/items on these accounts. -I WILL NOT attempt to recover or log into these accounts. -I am graciously accepting any donation in rs3/osgp only to progress my main with a mere 7m l0l. -The best way to contact me is on Skype @ "mariposasam" or on here. -If anything I'm doing here violates any rule. I will comply. -I will give more for incentive. -Thanks guys and more importantly have a great fucking day!
  10. I have an account you can test abyss with hmu
  11. Whats your RSN? Or skype me better yet.
  12. I am training agility to 60, getting quest reqs, quest cape and then getting my 99 range then off to Zulrah. Disposable goals but atleast I have some.
  13. just looking to remake with someone cool, knowledgable and efficient
  14. Please be a cool, outgoing guy who loves the game and wants to reach some goals together
  15. So a couple of days ago my perfectly crafted, all hand-trained pride got banned. I was stupid and was trying to bot those void tokens for too long. Anyway, I was reaching end-game content with a decent cash pile and realized I didnt have my void, or an account :/ I'm looking for someone cool, outgoing and motivated to play osrs with me. I am a very efficient player and y first goal is a quest cape (I was close on my main ). If anyone needs someone to play and have fun with with please hmu, if you have a clan or not thats alright. I slay for the most part but I'm thinking of gathering my buyables early, ie. chins. I am a 10+ vet of this game and am highly knowledgable, so please be competent. Anywho add my in game: SamsGotGuap or skype me at: mariposasam and lets get grinding An insight on botting/goldfarming is helpful but not at all neccesary but i planned on supplementing my cashpile with a few easy to maintain scripts for steady income. In conclusion, lol I need someone to play with! PM me and we;ll get in touch if not through skype