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  1. Can you use specified proxies?
  2. @kelton I'll give you a hint. You have already made 37m+ using it.
  3. How Not to Lose Weight Healthily FTFY
  4. arms/shoulders
  5. @MrExquisite I had this problem when I was experiencing connectivity issues. This was caused by a protective network that would not allow me to use a proxy. Because of my connect by using a proxy, the loading screen would freeze on "loading client parameters". If you are attempting to use a proxy, I would assume that your network or firewall is not allowing the connection to go through. Additionally, the network and firewall could be just fine, and the problem could be with the proxy itself. If you are not using a proxy, then I would assume that either you are having general connectivity issues, or that one or more of your client parameters is/are throwing errors. That's all the input I can give based on the information provided. Add your debug, and maybe someone with more expertise can help.
  6. @YoHoJo I made a guide on how to automate this fix. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/57814-how-to-solve-hkclass-or-hxclass-loader-issue-easy/
  7. check out this guide I made https://tribot.org/forums/topic/57814-how-to-solve-hkclass-or-hxclass-loader-issue-easy/
  8. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/57814-how-to-solve-hkclass-or-hxclass-loader-issue-easy/ check out this guide
  9. Bottom Line Up Front: Learn how to create a batch file which deletes the corrupt file (hooks.dat) that causes this issue. The Issue at Hand: Every time I attempt to open a new OSRS instance on a particular computer*, the loader seems to freeze while loading the HX.class file (previously the HK.class file). Because of this, I have been unable to load more than one instance of OSRS. Mechanics of the Fix: As it turns out, the hooks.dat file becomes corrupted on my computer* after an instance of OSRS is loaded. Because of this, no new instances will properly load after the initial hooks.dat file has been created (which happens on the initial load). Once this file is deleted, any new instance of OSRS loads properly, thus the problem is solved. Automation of the Fix: Finding the file isn't so hard. For most people the file path will look like this: C:\Users\(enter username here)\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\settings. Hooks.dat lives in the settings folder. I am a proponent of efficiency, so opening the folder and going ALL THE WAY to the file to delete it every time I want to open a new instance of OSRS is aggravating to me. Because of this, I created a Batch File that does it for me. It has two lines of code: cd "C:\Users\(ENTER USERNAME HERE)\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\settings\"del hooks.datYou'd think I go to school for coding with this script, but I assure you, I don't. Here's how to implement the code: put that code into notepad Enter the appropriate username in the spot that says "Enter Username Here" Ensure that the path is correct (make sure it brings you to the folder with the Hooks.dat file) Save the file with a .bat ending instead of .txt (save as type "all files" for this to work properly) place the file in a convenient location to be used whenever a new instance of OSRS is loadedComplete! Thank you for reading my quick-fix. If have have any questions, critiques, compliments, or concerns, I would love to hear them! * = It should be noted that the computer on which the issues occur has particularly high security standards due to the network standards it operates on. My other machine does not have this problem, and it operates on a much more lenient network.
  10. @Peshmerga How long were you running the script per day? What did your break profile look like? Did you train/do anything else during a given day?
  11. @gatenA142 I've been using custom configs and making around 400k+/hr for the past couple of days. While I was using full AI, I was making nowhere near as much (100k/hr). This could be due to a number of things (updates, etc), but I have learned a lot about how the script works, and I have definitely improved my income to some formidable degree by adjusting the settings. Find a few high volume/low margin items that can serve as your control set and spend a few days changing the settings to see how each affects your income. Good Luck!
  12. @YoHoJo It worked! Thanks for the tip
  13. I will be competing in my first bodybuilding competition next April. If there is any interest for progress pics, stats, workouts, or anything else, just post with your interest here! If there's enough interest, I'll keep it up to date. If not, I'll keep it to myself. Background: I am 19 (about to be 20) years old. I go to a United States service academy. I am 6'0 and about 200lbs @ 11% body fat. I study economics, and I battle gravity daily.
  14. @TacoManStan Thanks for reading! I'll have plenty more ideas once I get more use out of the script. I've only been using it for about a day now. I have an idea in the making that has to do with excel spreadsheets if 3 and 4 get some headway, so stand by for that
  15. @TacoManStan I have suggestions: 1. Allow the setup gui to remain open or be reopened while the script is running in order to make changes to items in real time without having to close and restart the script. 2. Add some sort of mobile monitoring system for stats. 3. Add a historical log that details how items have performed at different instances. 4. Add and organize beneficial stats: use the information from the historical performance log to rank by effective profit/4hrs, volatility, stability, and other useful things. Let me know what you think! These are just things that are personally appealing to me