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  1. Any chance you could give me a few tips on whether i should be flipping high volume items or not? will it be more consistent profit if i were to be going for 24hr+ runs? Currently sat with 15M and averaging 200k/hr Obviously you don't have to tell me anything, feel free to pm me if you don't want to post publicly too. If you drop me some decent advice i'll tip you
  2. Yeah, i don't know what he means by it's flashing a lot, that's what the script does :/ i run this on my main acc while i run 6 suiciders. @choco Have you tried setting your client memory to anything higher than 386? Have you setup your gear/inventory? If you explain a bit better i can help you
  3. Yeah i saw this about 15 minutes after posting and felt like an idiot lol, Gonna be purchasing in an hour or so
  4. What's wrong? This is so easy to use dude.
  5. all the item ID's are appearing as null, what do i do? trying to use the trial and i can't even set it up :/
  6. Just came back to osrs and started using this again. Still my Favourite script that i have came across in 15 years, Been around since the days of autorune You're a beast Worthy!
  7. Oh. Well, my fave script is still goin smooth and strong. I still luv u worthy! xD
  8. If i didn't suck with GFX i would have made you one instantly. I'll ask around
  9. Just look at my sig, Says everything. (I know it says Zulrah Slayer, but that's my Helper stats haha) That's with leaving auto login on and afking for a while too
  10. Hmm, selected melee pray & it won't use it. i'm having to manually turn it on when a game starts Selected it in pray options, what am i doing wrong?
  11. He must be, this shits the best thing since sliced bread lol
  12. Not sure if sarcasm, due to the deaths i suspect so. Only time i ever die is lagg on the Tribot Client. Within 3 days i learnt how to Zulrah perfectly, don't even need the script now
  13. Tried this last night, it seemed to help a little bit but i'm still experiencing small stutters every 30 or so game ticks. It's weird because i don't get this on OSBuddy or regular client. Sometime it gets me killed, sometimes it doesn't. Thought it was server lagg at first but it happens in every world
  14. This is beautiful. Works amazing, Helping me learn the new Zulrah rotations One thing, Not sure if this is script related or tribot related but i always seem to get around 15 FPS while using tribot (Paint delay set to 0) Is there a FPS cap on the bot or is it the script? Been trying to look around the forums and haven't found any answers anywhere