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  1. Ohh perfect, look forward to getting an early look then haha. I knew i was using it a lot but didn't know it was that much
  2. just heard you are rewriting the script, really looking forward to trying the new version. absolutely love this script
  3. took 780 hours to get a 2 day ban on my accounts, i doubt it's even this scripts fault either. Got my 10hp obby banned at blast furnace pump and think i got flagged lol
  4. Thank you bro, appreciate everything you do for us!
  5. funny you should say it's only been since yesterday/today. my issues popped up yesterday. have you noticed your bot tp'ing to duel arena and running through mort myre instead of moving from say karil -> verac? I'm going to assume you use barrows tab & clan wars method too.
  6. i never usually have issues with dying in tunnels. Maybe 6-7 times in 5k chests when tribot was acting up a few weeks ago and we got refunded) the script uses ppot/changes gear before activating prayer in tunnels so a dharok tunnel combined with low hp/def account may result in a lot of unexpected deaths. My account has 90+ melee's & hp and uses tank gear so idk. Trident charging has never really been an issue either but i always keep 50k+ chaos/death & 100k+ fire runes banked
  7. It seems really sporadic, i have been running for 6 hours now without a problem but i couldn't make it past 20 minutes without it happening the last 5 times i tried it. Appreciate the effort, hopefully you figure out what's up. It could be that people are missing it too, since it can happen anywhere from the first crypt or 18 hours into runtime. Hopefully it's narrowed down by me catching it tele to duel arena mid run lol
  8. So it's been working fine all day today, had one instance a few hours ago where i found it outside the rag & bone man quest location. Really confused as to what triggers it, this is the only time i have experienced it in around 600 hours so it's not too common. If i catch it happening again tonight i'll upload both script & client debug if it helps. Could it be a walker issue? Edit: Happened again, can't use the script because of it. Log is in the spoiler. Edit 2: It's a DaxWalker issue i'm pretty sure. It was running from torag crypt to verac & decided to duel ring to duel arena then run through the swamp to continue run. For some reason it's detecting that as a shorter route to the next crypt? Just caught it happening while doing another test.
  9. Just got home, deleted hooks again (tried last night before posting but no dice) gonna babysit for 2-3 hours then i'll report back. I think your sig profit/kc tracking is a bit off too haha. i'm at like 4.7k kc now Edit: Checked back after 30 minutes & it's happening again. Tried starting with a fresh dueling ring on to see if it was skipping ones with charges used, deleted hooks again, not sure what's happening
  10. Yeah, started acting up after the update yesterday i think
  11. Is something wrong with the script? Keeps trying to run through morytania even though i have 1k+ barrows tabs & dueling rings in bank. Starting at clan wars so that's not the issue. Also crashed 5-10 times today due to animation failsafes.
  12. I think i had it enabled yeah, turned it off before bed and noticed an improvement. I'll let you know how it is after i get back from work
  13. Looking good so far, i was wondering if you would be able to add an option for automatically logging out after 5-10 mins of offers completing then logging back in every 5 or so minutes to check and update them? Not sure if mini breaking could be used to replicate this as i haven't messed with it much one of the old merching scripts used it, just seems a bit more natural. I seem to be having an issue where the mouse keeps being moved to a different off screen position every 20-30 seconds too, tried tweaking the anti-ban but it doesn't seem to affect it (changed off-screen chance to rarely also)
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