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  1. I really don't know if it's this script or another one: I'm now a legitimate player and I don't bot anymore. Due to this I'm required to pay NMZ boosters in order to join the game. Randomly, I theorize that it's due to a certain number of trades or time, it'll simply accept my gold and never invite me into the game. The script will stop advertising when I'm in trade then resume advertising after I accept acting as if I never traded it. This becomes especially annoying whenever this happens with a few people. Note: I have "legit" people to my friends list and this happens with the person maybe once or twice a day otherwise they're legit.
  2. Just bought this script and I have a quick question: How do the Zybez offers work exactly? - Do they post like a human? Meaning I won't get caught.. - If it switches from buying to selling does it delete the buying offer to put up the selling offer? Also: Can we get a bbcode like thing ( <bp>, <sp> ) to put in our messages for selling/buying. So I can say: "Selling Bandos Chest <sp>gp" sp = sell price bp = buy price
  3. johndoe55

    TRiBot Release 9.06_0

    >"military grade encryption" >still hasn't reset the forum sessions
  4. I'd like to see how much GP/Items I have though. I suppose if you put it on the paint then it doesn't need to open it.
  5. Thank you for all the updates, I love the script. I was wondering if you could make a slight update to make it open the Inventory when it's not open because after some trades the friends list remains open.
  6. I've been running it perfectly since you released it. Although it seems to be working now. Again what do the settings mean? http://imgur.com/jjoC2cZ.png .. There's really no indication of which each of them do.
  7. The start button broke with the most recent update: you click it but nothing happens and GUI stays up. Also can you explain what settings mean? ex. If I put 40 for blacklist timer does that mean 40 trades? 40 seconds between trades?
  8. Sorry I meant: what are the quests that they do instead of those ones?
  9. Probably been asked a lot (sorry) but what quests do boosters do for "no MTD or Witch"?
  10. Because you might misclick on an NPC instead of the trading player. Also luring doesn't happen to everyone including me but clicking on it in chat will decrease the lure-killing abilities.
  11. Just go into your temp folder if you -really- need to delete things.
  12. Suggestion to solve the killing/luring: have the bot click on the trade tab at the bottom of the screen and click trades through that instead of right clicking the user in game.
  13. Yeah I swear it did I'll keep an eye on it and make sure you haven't updated it to fix it. e. I guess I went crazy! It's counting correctly. Antilure works very well but would be super to have a limit on how many times you can be lured. Right now someone can attempt to lure you for hours.
  14. Thank you, works nicely so far. <3 e. It's only counting only the first trade in # sold (dunno if it happens in buy). so: if it sells 300 fire runes in the first trade it'll update the counter to 300 then if it sells 500 fire runes in the second trade the counter will remain at 300.
  15. What.png Anything can be fixed from a script writers point of view .. there's no need to rely on the API's API.