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  1. Tried that. Still doesnt't work. Any option I try use (tried varrock west oaks, lummy willows, varrock west normal tree's) goes to Varrock East normal tree's.
  2. Not sure if this is just an issue for me or not. Varrock West Tree's is set to cut the tree's at Varrock East instead. Doesn't progress from normal logs (Varrock West) -> Oak Logs (Varroack West) https://i.imgur.com/KEAtbjO.png Any setting I use just chops regular tree's at Varroack East it seems (Lummy oak , Varrock Oak, etc)
  3. Can't wait to test this out
  4. Nice release, should be using it soon
  5. They changed the location of the boat and Veos (guy who starts the quest) to a different place, any chance we can get this changed on the script? https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Veos
  6. You will never find a private zulrah script that even comes close to Worthy's script. Don't waste your money.
  7. If you are using the magic only option, does the bot hide during the blue phase (behind the pillar) or does it keep attacking it?
  8. Hey Fluffee, when creating accounts on a proxy, will the accounts be created on the proxy IP or normal computer IP?
  9. Any chance of adding the option to hide vs the blue phase when using the magic only option?
  10. Any chance you would allow the magic only only to hide for the blue phase in the future?
  11. Just curious, does the magic only option make the bot hide behind the pillar during the blue phase or does it try to keep attacking?
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