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  1. [16:02:42] Exception in thread "Auto Fisher Pro Painter Update Thread" [16:02:42] java.lang.NullPointerException [16:02:42] at scripts.fisher.a.o.run(Painter.java:41) [16:02:42] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) Paint not working. Uses more CPU when no paint is loaded.
  2. @daxmagex Did red chins, noticed that the mouse would click a point beside the box trap followed by click on the box itself when chins are caught or when the trap failed. Would that be so obvious ? Since its doing that for every red chin caught ? Possible to click directly on the box when caught instead ?
  3. There is a limit to how much you can oc. I own a i7 6700k , so I know what I am doing. 16gb ram is good to go. For 10 bots 8 gb is enough. If you need 20 bots, 16gb is more than sufficient.
  4. If you want to run bots, Highly suggested to get a overclocked cpu and at least 16gb ram Good GPU in this case is not recommended.
  5. Not sure what might be the issue here. Increasing heap size should actually solve the problem. Can you try re-downloading java ? Have not encountered problems like this before.
  6. Increase heap size to 512 or 1024
  7. It's good to test various break timers yourself. Imo , it varies on users.
  8. Based on exchange rates, it could well mean he is doing 1.5-2m on OSRS.... envious.
  9. That's something I won't agree. I have a friend making 90k-120k / hr on a single account. Therefore i believe 150k is possible.
  10. Im trying to find at least a 150k-200k/ hr method.
  11. Nice did thieving too. What's your gp / hr ? I had 6 accounts , 4 on thievin, 2 on wc. No bans as of yet.
  12. You could perhaps buy more gold , and increasing items list to 15-20 ? A good 15-20m starting cash stack reaps 150-200k / hr which is literally 10times faster to what you are doing now.
  13. I have been running for 25 days 24/7. No bans. Always removed my stash before it hits 90m.
  14. i7-6700k + decent mobo, oc of cos. 16gb ram, runs 25-30bots. Ez and possible. Use the win 7 lite. Loads only required drivers.