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  1. is there a way to get a refund? this is the second time i buy vip+ and cant get it to work. I have been trying to get help for a week but no one seems to be able to. how can i get a refund?
  2. I tried using that client and I downloaded the program to delete hooks but i am having the same issue I tried Using that client but i had the same issue, i even downloaded the program to delete my hooks but still having the same issue
  3. I have been able to run LG perfectly up until today? Not sure what happened but i just Get a black screen whenever i try to run LG
  4. hey @Einstein i tried fishing karambwan's and after it has a full inv it just stands there instead of banking. Also i was wondering if it was possible to add your own method of banking? im not sure how the script normally banks but with the fairy rings right there it would be easy to bank at zanaris and just take the fairy rings back to fishing spot.
  5. that would be great man i would def buy the script just for that! You can even make that a script of its own and i would buy it! there already is a script kind of like that but i tried it and it was not good!
  6. same thing is happening to me. Left my account running and came back to it just spam clicking my bank
  7. is there a way to add the restocking for ironmen? to buy from stores instead of G.E.?
  8. i am having this issue atm, any idea what i should do? @Fluffee
  9. okay so i bought the bot for blackjacking and it can be working perfectly and out of nowhere it starts trying to look for bandits to lure even though it is already blackjacking with one inside a little hut. Then when it tries to lure the other bandits it has trouble and it just starts walking around and eventually just ends up going back to the first bandit it was blackjacking in. Any suggestions on what to do? Edit: After running for a while i came home to my bot trying to buy wines even though the shop had 0. it was just sitting there clicking buy non-stop.
  10. thanks for the quick fix. Just started again at shillo and it seems to be banking fine. just FYI i tried salmon/trout at grand tree and had the same problem as the one with shilo village where it just stands there instead of banking. But shillo Village works perfectly now! thanks again! edit: if possible can you check the way it picks the spot to fish? sometimes it walks to the farthest fishing spot and it walks by some closer ones. besides that great script!!
  11. just bought the bot and started it at shillo village, whenever it has to bank it just trys to click outside of shillo village and just stands there Edit: tried deleting cached clients now it just stands there whenever it has to bank.
  12. So i tried using this for blackjacking and it it was very slow. I would get attacked and it would not even run away it would just keep getting hit. Not sure if i am doing something wrong? Tried it without looking glass and it is working fine now.
  13. is this script still working? i tried using the trial but had many problems with it and i have not seen erickho answer the thread in a while.
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