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  1. any update on when we are getting a fix? script wont run for longer than 2 games without stopping randomly
  2. When using LG and everyhitn finished loading i cannot click on anything. I have been using LG for months without any problems not sure what is happening now.
  3. I bought the bot yesterday and i have started it twice and it cannot finish a single game. After a while it it just standing there and i have used this bot for a long time now so i am not sure what is wrong with it now.
  4. hello can you add something to log out after it runs out of runes or cannonballs? I have found my account trying to stun alch after it ran out of runes and it just keeps walking from bank and back to spot. Very bot like
  5. I'm not sure what i am doing wrong but i am tryng to alch while i cannon ogres but i cannot get it to alch. I have tried everything and it just reloads cannon but does not alch. If i take off the cannon the alching works perfectly fine.
  6. It still doesn't eat rockcake to get back to 1hp. Goes through all my absorption pots really quick.
  7. im not sure what i am doing wrong but when i start the trial at motherload it just stands there
  8. can you make it so we can either remove the abc2 anti ban or make it faster? @Worthy
  9. is there a way to make the abc wait time even faster? i already have it .1 and it still takes a while to get back on the boat to the point that i miss most of the games, and sometimes it does not do enough damage because of the abc 2 wait time either.
  10. idk if its the script or the client but it does not log back in when it logs out
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