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  1. will there be an update for the script any time soon? kinda annoying have to close and switch back to the old version of tribot just to be able to bot this, then have to restart my client to update it to bot anything else?
  2. but would it be possible to fish/bank at the north location while banking at zanaris? seems like it would be a lot more efficient this way.
  3. I noticed this as well. This has actually been the only reason i have not fished Karambwans yet.
  4. TFM

    Basic Miner

    was excited to try this since i love your scripts, but i was trying to mine iron ore at varrock while banking them (hcim) but i did not see that option.
  5. [09:16:52] Starting client. [09:16:57] Downloading script 'LAN Thiever'. [09:17:01] <:219d00>[LAN Thiever]: Initializing script arguments [09:17:01] Script Started: LAN Thiever. [09:17:04] <:219d00>[Gui]: Loaded profile. [09:17:04] [email protected] [09:17:04] <:219d00>[LAN Thiever]: Opening GUI (if this gets stuck, update your java) [09:18:20] <:219d00>[Loot settings]: We will NOT drop any items based on value. [09:18:20] Enabled all randoms. [09:18:20] <:219d00>[Gui]: Dismiss randoms: true [09:18:20] <:219d00>[Gui]: Setting override eat: false [09:18:20] <:219d00>[Gui]: Saved profile settings. [09:19:39] <:219d00>[Pickpocketing]: Opening 28 coin pouches. [09:20:20] <:be0000>[Player]: Logging out and quitting script! [09:20:26] <:219d00>[Banking07]: Opening 17 coin pouches. [09:20:38] <:be0000>[Player]: Logging out and quitting script! [09:20:55] Script Ended: LAN Thiever. this is what is say but it just keeps opening and closing bank, so i just stopped it. And for the settings i have it to log out when out of food.
  6. So i was botting ardy Knight today and the bot ran out of food and instead of logging out it just kept opening and closing the bank for about 1 hour. I hope i dont get banned over this.
  7. Thanks for the fast reply! i will try tonight! Edit: worked perfectly thanks brother! love the script
  8. hello love the script. was wondering if you can change it to when i put it to stop after a certain amount of time it goes to the bank instead of just logging out on the spot and continue taking damage( and possibly die). In other words when the script stops it should go to a safe spot.
  9. TFM


    would it be possible to add walking to wintertodt instead of just to zeah( this is mainly for ironman since they have to walk everywhere)
  10. is there a way to get a refund? this is the second time i buy vip+ and cant get it to work. I have been trying to get help for a week but no one seems to be able to. how can i get a refund?
  11. I tried using that client and I downloaded the program to delete hooks but i am having the same issue I tried Using that client but i had the same issue, i even downloaded the program to delete my hooks but still having the same issue
  12. I have been able to run LG perfectly up until today? Not sure what happened but i just Get a black screen whenever i try to run LG
  13. hey @Einstein i tried fishing karambwan's and after it has a full inv it just stands there instead of banking. Also i was wondering if it was possible to add your own method of banking? im not sure how the script normally banks but with the fairy rings right there it would be easy to bank at zanaris and just take the fairy rings back to fishing spot.
  14. that would be great man i would def buy the script just for that! You can even make that a script of its own and i would buy it! there already is a script kind of like that but i tried it and it was not good!
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