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  1. okay so i bought the bot for blackjacking and it can be working perfectly and out of nowhere it starts trying to look for bandits to lure even though it is already blackjacking with one inside a little hut. Then when it tries to lure the other bandits it has trouble and it just starts walking around and eventually just ends up going back to the first bandit it was blackjacking in. Any suggestions on what to do? Edit: After running for a while i came home to my bot trying to buy wines even though the shop had 0. it was just sitting there clicking buy non-stop.
  2. thanks for the quick fix. Just started again at shillo and it seems to be banking fine. just FYI i tried salmon/trout at grand tree and had the same problem as the one with shilo village where it just stands there instead of banking. But shillo Village works perfectly now! thanks again! edit: if possible can you check the way it picks the spot to fish? sometimes it walks to the farthest fishing spot and it walks by some closer ones. besides that great script!!
  3. just bought the bot and started it at shillo village, whenever it has to bank it just trys to click outside of shillo village and just stands there Edit: tried deleting cached clients now it just stands there whenever it has to bank.
  4. So i tried using this for blackjacking and it it was very slow. I would get attacked and it would not even run away it would just keep getting hit. Not sure if i am doing something wrong? Tried it without looking glass and it is working fine now.
  5. is this script still working? i tried using the trial but had many problems with it and i have not seen erickho answer the thread in a while.
  6. trial does not seem to be working. Opens up to smith items but cant click on anything.
  7. is this working? really want to try out
  8. So i have used this bot for years not without a problem but lately i have been struggling a lot with this bot. I have been trying to use the trial since a lot of people are complaining and it cant seem to even finish a game ever. I have started it twice already and it did not run for more than 30 minutes of combined time. Stops for no reasons and when it goes it it does not even overload it just clicks on absorption pots
  9. any update on when we are getting a fix? script wont run for longer than 2 games without stopping randomly
  10. When using LG and everyhitn finished loading i cannot click on anything. I have been using LG for months without any problems not sure what is happening now.
  11. I bought the bot yesterday and i have started it twice and it cannot finish a single game. After a while it it just standing there and i have used this bot for a long time now so i am not sure what is wrong with it now.
  12. hello can you add something to log out after it runs out of runes or cannonballs? I have found my account trying to stun alch after it ran out of runes and it just keeps walking from bank and back to spot. Very bot like
  13. I'm not sure what i am doing wrong but i am tryng to alch while i cannon ogres but i cannot get it to alch. I have tried everything and it just reloads cannon but does not alch. If i take off the cannon the alching works perfectly fine.
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