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  1. set only for chins and birds. sallys are great especially when you get to black. 80 plus at black sallys with this script is way oveer 100k xp per hour. ive got 95 on my uim with this script and just ran out and rebuying again. its pretty flawless at black chins so id recommend that on im.
  2. you can manually select on which tile you want the bot to put the traps. thus allowing you the 4 corner or 5-6 trap formations without looking retarded.
  3. hey i have a problem

    if not already install jdk, clear .tribot folder in %appdata%, re-download new .jar from tribot and try that?
  4. What is the easiest 99 to get while botting

    nmz all day baby
  5. Hi, can I use this script on an account without dharoks to use absorb/ovl method? if so how? thank you!
  6. Estrogen Blockers Recommedation

    blast Letro then taper off and use adex/aromasin dont play with steroids read up on protocols on such sites as ukmuscle
  7. Is daxhunter still good / updated?

    Check the post replies of the script thread instead of posting a new thread maybe? Depends what you are using it for, wildy chins are perf.
  8. Quality scripter appreciation thread.

    Dax's hunter has been somewhat consistent over the years
  9. hello

    on fresh lvl 3's to advertise? last a day tops i'd say
  10. Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    Probably isnt the place to discuss bans on a script thread. Yeah some salty fucker must of seen me there more than once then after looking me up. Account is over 3 years old, multiple 99's all botted with hint hint Encoded's scripts. I got to 34-79 farming with this beauty of a script too bad i can't continue using it. was really nice xp per hour after 74 with full farmers outfit.
  11. Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    I come back and there's a message in my chat; "Reported you twice now :)" It's usually clear sailing till I get a report.. seems only then they bother looking at you.
  12. Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    Different accounts Used LG Script is perfect, just other people come and report you :/
  13. Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    Just putting out there fellas. Been reported twice by the same fella now and got a 2 day. Only script I've used on the acc is Encoded's fisher to which in 329 platform in guild is hard to be reported. Really good script but since I care about the account I'm gonna have to stop. Would recommend to anyone as it gets xp rates better than the ones in the original post.