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  1. can't seem to get past 60 agility now anymore, even on an accounts with 15+ qp, not lvl 3 ect..
  2. always banned around 80 :{ relleka is cursed, good script though.
  3. Thanks all for the replies, sorted itself within 30 minutes as stated above Please close
  4. It's a premium script, but considering if it's 30 minutes then itll be up within 10 minutes thus i'll just wait, thank you
  5. Thank you for the quick reply; No instances yet problem still persists none the less. Guess i'll just wait the 30 minutes it's no big deal. Thank you anyway my man!
  6. Hi, This is the bug i'm currently encountering, I've restarted my computer few times, ended all JAVA processes still persists. Deleting .tribot folder doesn't work since it says it's still in use with all java processes terminated.. Any help welcome Thank you
  7. ph0ne

    perm ban

    was it a fresh acc? which script? more info lol
  8. why not just change all lifetimes to 1 instance, i'm sure most of us would be happy with that. I don't use the scrip[ts all the time but when building a new acc it's nice to get all the early agil levels/quest req skills out of the way..
  9. this is so fucking retarded. RIP my beloved aAgility and Encoded's fisher forever. Sleep well TrileZ
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