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  1. Need to know if im doing something wrong Using zul-andra teleport method with ahrims/karils/blowpipe/tri swamp/serp/fury/occul/infinit boot/mage book/ring of suffer etc. Only manage to get 1 kill a trip mostly and 9 kills an hr getting 30-50fps mostly.
  2. What happens if you get the zulrah pet?
  3. Ran the trial for like an hour seemed like a really good bot, so i decided to buy it. Ran it for just 2 hours and this is my proggy lol, great script tho i'd recommend it. https://gyazo.com/115b68a38ff723a06db8f095d7ef7681
  4. Got banned using this but im fairly sure its because i started botting an day after i got unbanned from botting pest control. But i can assure you this is a great script it has never been buggy for me and has always worked fine on my end. Pretty sure when people complain about it being buggy its because they left there Tribot client on for a long time and/or got a laggy pc/internet.
  5. Just bought it about an hour ago. Started with 8M Cash and an 53% minium win and im already at 19M. Ofcourse this was luck but im really happy with the script so far!