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  1. 99hp 97 def 88 mage 90 range
  2. Need to know if im doing something wrong Using zul-andra teleport method with ahrims/karils/blowpipe/tri swamp/serp/fury/occul/infinit boot/mage book/ring of suffer etc. Only manage to get 1 kill a trip mostly and 9 kills an hr getting 30-50fps mostly.
  3. What happens if you get the zulrah pet?
  4. Ran the trial for like an hour seemed like a really good bot, so i decided to buy it. Ran it for just 2 hours and this is my proggy lol, great script tho i'd recommend it. https://gyazo.com/115b68a38ff723a06db8f095d7ef7681
  5. Advice on staking pure

    A good account for assumes staker would be 1-45 def 97 str 75 attack 90+ hp. Depends on what you want tho.