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  1. Cool man! Really need this right now because honestly I don't want to leave it on for like 10 hours while I'm away from home. Having an end timer would be amazing
  2. @lets be friends Hey I am still enjoying the script and typically run it in 4 hour sessions. Do you think you could add a end timer feature that would allow me to make it run for 4 hours and then log off maybe while I am away?
  3. what i've noticed so far from using it the past few days is if people come and crash you the reagroing seems to sometimes bug out because the crabs are being agro'd to another player. Make sure your spot is secured for only you.
  4. Basically as the title says I want to run two different accounts on one IP address. One of the bots will just be using an AFK crab script so the likeliness of it being caught is extremely low, but the other will be training F2P with actual scripts that have to click around a ton. What do you guys think the chances of my f2p account being caught and causing my p2p afk crab acc to be caught? Also any suggestions for good STR/ATK f2p training scripts that have low ban rates please!
  5. So it looks like its working fine now, It might have something to do with the fact that people were nonstop crashing my spot. Besides that have had the script running now for 2 hrs and its fine. BTW Thanks for this script really enjoying it, its almost impossible to get banned with these types of scripts! Edit: Another question: Would this work on the waterbirth island rockcrabs as long as I set custom spots and custom agro spots?
  6. Using this script today after OSRS had an update, looks like maybe the reagroing is broken? Everytime it says its going to reagro now it just stands still and doesn't know what to do. Maybe its just on my end im not sure.
  7. Ryguz

    Need help new botter

    Like I said boys, I'm honestly trying to just train accounts to actually play on. Any tips on not getting caught while training melee stats / range stats with free scripts?
  8. Ryguz

    Need help new botter

    I'm not trying to farm, I actually just want to train accs to pk on. Not gold farming legit combat stats training, I can make enuf gold on my main.
  9. just got VIP and I was under the impression I would get at least some decent scripts but it looks like I only get free ones. Are the free ones even safe to bot with? A lot of them seem generally wonky and i'm testing on a new account. Don't really have the money to nonstop pay per month for VIP + all premium scripts. Any reliable free scripts that are known for low ban rates? Also don't want to make the account P2P if its gonna get banned.
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