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  1. Cannon support isn't working for me at the Caged Ogres spot (Combat Training Camp). Tried all combinations of settings for cannon reloading, GUI says "FIRECANNON" but doesn't reload, just does nothing.
  2. Script working great overall but one small bug I found: when cutting normal trees at Varrock West, one time it continuously tried to bank at the Chef's guild despite me not having the reqs. to get in, so it just sat and spam clicked the door. I ran it again and now it banks at Varrock West properly.
  3. |w| Zulrah Slayer - Documentation

    Just want to say this is the most impressive script I've ever seen (as a CS graduate / Machine Learning Engineer) and you are a Java God. Please make advanced scripting tutorials.
  4. @Encoded you are entirely correct, especially the second point. Always use third-party clients at your own discretion.
  5. Thanks @erickho123 for the quick updates, working great for me self-hosting. Appreciate it!
  6. Thanks @Montreal for the Virus Scan. @foebotting @plasmaftw, You need to take into consideration the memory FireFox itself uses, the Java applet loaded directly with nothing extra definitely uses a lot less than FireFox + the Web Applet. @lmfaoown That's fucking unbelievable! 98MB RAM?? What are your computer's specs? Didn't think it could possibly go that low... Edit: Just added some comparisons for Firefox and the official Jagex client on my computer.
  7. How do I make gamepack.jar runnable?

    Thanks guys, I got it to work finally. Turns out I was just parsing the URL incorrectly and getting a corrupted JAR. Works just fine now.
  8. Update: Nvm, figured it out. check out the client I made OSLight https://github.com/brandonjabr/OSLight Hey guys, I've been trying for some time now to make my own barebones client optimized for mac users. I understand in Java how to fetch a gamepack .jar from the OSRS website, but once I have that .jar, how can I make it runnable in a standalone applet? Any help is appreciated, thank you!
  9. Honestly after wanting to push the idea of botting profitably in DMM for so long, ultimately I found that the random nature of DMM, in the sense that you could randomly get killed and reset even in generally safe areas, basically nullified the value of trying to goldfarm DMM unless your really, REALLY time invested and patient. The odds that a bot in a Deadman world runs for 10+ hours and doesn't die once is just too improbable. However if you made the investment and had a small army of bots going at all times, no doubt that at the peak of DMM you would've been making a lot of money. I just didn't have that kind of time, but oh well haha was a fun project anyways. Even if DMM is coming back for seasons I don't have the patience to bot it, I'll let that be someone else's problem lmao
  10. My boy Liam! Glad you saw this so quickly haha. Looking back, I think the node structuring became a tad bit overstretched with how many different little pieces had to fit together with ZERO overlap. But hey we made it work somehow lol, it's a quality script no doubt.
  11. A few months ago I invested a solid amount of time, working with fellow botter/scripter Liam, on a custom script that was meant to be run on brand new Deadman Mode accounts just off tutorial island, trains their thieving and hitpoints up a bit, then walks over to ardrougne to start thieving the nat chest (using stalls for food) and even trades the nats to a mule based on a custom PM message sent to the bots. The script in its current state is about 98% of the way to what I originally envisioned: an absolute goldfarming powerhouse, that is, until Deadman Mode literally went to hell seemingly overnight >.< So I've decided to open source the script, which is available here: https://github.com/GodOfWarr/DMM-Nats-Pro PLEASE NOTE: The script relies on the LAN API to be included in its root directory, available here from the brilliant Laniax: https://github.com/Laniax/LanAPI Anyone is free to use the script's source code as they wish, since I've altogether abandoned this project. If anything, I think it's a great resource for newer scripters to see what a "pro" script developed by two experienced Java developers looks like under the hood, especially the node structure/loop, custom antiban, mule feature, etc. Anyways enjoy!
  12. Is anyone achieving or getting close to 1m per hour with a 100m+ cash stack?
  13. Sorry if it's a dumb question buy does the Mouse Speed setting affect how quickly, say, gear swapping or prayer switching is performed? Overall running great but sometimes speed is an issue for me
  14. Let me just say bravo Worthy, for making easily the most impressive money maker I've ever seen in 7 years of botting. Couldn't even believe my eyes when I saw how efficient it was. Job well done!
  15. Why exactly is 85+ mage necessary as it says in the main post? Didn't quite understand