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  1. I'm on about 14 days of 9-12/hr a day combat botting in the same spot.. on a maxed RS3 main about 5 yrs old.. should I quit while I'm ahead? Should clarify, I'm botting 07, and maxed on RS3.
  2. If Tribot as a community and (pretty much) a business wants to be taken seriously, scripts like these need to be removed. If a scripter has monetized a script, sold it, and then completely ignored the thread for over two weeks - their status as a Premium Scripter should be removed and their script no longer available for purchase until substantial updates are made. Having this script for sale in its current state is completely misleading, which is fine if the scripter was active, but the scripter appears to have made his money and abandoned it. Which is not a great example of a "Premium Scripter" in any way. Even the last "update" that was made roughly 40 days ago appears to have been a sloppy and quick "fix" that apparently didn't actually fix anything.
  3. Have many people getting banned at all for botting 10-14 hours a day not hosting? Or is hosting mainly what people seem to be getting banned for? Kind of interesting in purchasing this..
  4. I'm looking for possibly two scripts. I am open to what I want made for me, as I'm not looking for anything too too specific. Something for combat is my priority, something that could possibly make cash as well but is not needed as a must. It must be do-able on an account with 1 defense, and if it does have some source of profit involved, at least be able to achieve 45k+ exp an hour, preferably to work with both range/mage and melee, but open on that. I'm also possibly looking for a good goldfarming script, I don't know of any good methods but something that is PRIVATE and not too public yet, or something that can maintain high gp/hr even if a lot of people are there, but I'd like it to not be too well known for botters as I don't want to get banned instantly. Would be nice if this were doable on lower level accounts, with maybe 10-20 hours tops invested on the accounts before botting TOPS, as I'd like to be able to run a few accounts, and not need it to be some crazy high level requirements to be able to even begin farming. HOWEVER, I do have a few accounts with 70-70-1 and better, and some with 80 range, so if it's a good 300k+ an hour and it's a great script idea, I will pay for that! For both of these scripts I would like a very good antiban implemented, at least as good as what they require here. If you can give me a fixed price for regular updates on request in the future, that would be good too. Banking, etc, is a must, and I would really need these to not be obvious. I can pay very very good for a very good private script, but I mean it has to be BEAUTIFUL, and flawless. I can pay in RSGP (OSRS), or USD/CAD in pretty much any payment method you desire. Please PM me with script ideas and prices, as I can't post an offer here as I don't know what each of you individually can do and how much your work is worth!
  5. Runite has had some pretty bad ban reports too, but I've got well over 100+ hours on it in the last 10 days I'd say, no ban yet!
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