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  1. 1500
  2. Negative.
  3. The client is ridiculously laggy , is this just a setting or is it god awful for everyone? Trying to buy shit from the GE and it's taking 5x as long as it would on Osbuddy or Regular client.
  4. Every single script I run it takes a long time for it to do things e.g When attacking a monster , after killing it sometimes it waits like 2 seconds before attempting to select another one to attack. Is there a setting I can change to make it so that 2 second delay doesn't keep reoccurring? I have a vague memory of there being a setting a while back when I used to bot but I'm not sure it still exists.
  5. Can you add Lava runes? Also why is there such a huge delay inbetween moving? e.g it clicks to walk right next to the altar and when it gets to the altar it takes like 2 seconds to click on it? Same with banking. Is this a setting I have on or is the bot just generally slow?
  6. Hi , if you still update this script could you add it so the bot will loot champion scrolls? I've come back to see like 6 different champion scrolls messages and not gotten any. Would be a cool feature with not too much to add. Other then that the script runs flawlessly.
  7. shits broke as fuck
  8. So , I can bot perfectly normal using just the tribot client but everytime I try to open the looking glass it comes up with the usual "Looking for runescape client" and then when it finds the client (osbuddy) this happens to the tribot client Please help , I really do prefer the looking glass over the tribot client. Only started happening since the RS update (before and after Trilez's update)
  9. fk me i wanted to bot and go sleep trilez pls
  10. Hi , can we get absorption support? Ot: Nice script.
  11. Was very impressed with your v1 , hoping v2 is even better
  12. Defenitely needs an update or to be taken down from premium.
  13. I keep getting this idk what to do