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  1. USA needs to update its pretty slow unlike before
  2. Make 10 accounts, run tutorial island script should all be done in less than half hour. Bring them to lumbridge cows and equip them with ranged equipment and food in less than 3 hours all of them will be 32+ ranged (if you want to do it smaller scale do the dwarf cannon quest and cannon but thats stupid) tele them to ranged guild pot them up to 40 ranged bring them to the arrow store, Now this part is up to you last i checked you could buy up to Addy and make money but check ge price i know for a fact if you buy all of the bronze and iron arrows you make killer cash per account. final step run mbuyer these accounts should be cleared out daily and left with 5 hours worth of botting cash 1 acc botted 10-20 hours has a chance of living one week. soo if you are making 600k per account per hour that 6m and hour thats 120m in a botting day (4 are used for cleaning maintenance resettes) and now you are making 120 usd a day you dont have to be a genius to do this. CONS this is not for everyone if you already have a farm this is fast easy cash if you do this to start a farm you may be negative in profit for the first month or two ( price of bonds gp stocking account creation) plus with bans you will see this to be more of a chore than fast cash, anyway just a little something i did for awhile for quick cash ~ilya G funny running 1 acc now supposedly 800k ph il let it sit overnight see what happens
  3. 1.75m in 10 hours, , , thats like 2 dollars zulrah bro 10 accounts on zulrah is 12k usd a month
  4. Honestly i dont think jagex should be battling anyone. The only reason we have these forums and many like it is because they are horrible as a company, have bad developers, not 1 ounce of originality, and bring crap content. If they sold the game to blizzard like they should wed have no reason to truly run a gold farm nor bot for xp. And i wish i had teh quick find code for this But Andrew G back in 04 i think even addressed macroing, he said that macroing for xp is okay for gp is BAD even the creator understood the game mechanical flaw in rs, hes a grown ass man who realizes that most people cannot play for 5 months straight to get 99 farm agilize and herblore. The rest of jagex are british failures, and what i mean by that is they are people straight outta university who know 0 not once have i seen jagex team up with any other developer or borrow a developer to further their game content and ideas. aside from the guy who ran RSbuddy but that didnt last long
  5. leme rephrase that lol this acc has had a 2 day ban, so im assuming its gone for good now oh still cannot sign into it i can only reset password. so idk fully whats going on
  6. funny u say this the acc that got banned today was in my house for 3 days straight botting the ban came in today so they can do whatever the f they want
  7. supposedly for osrs they had like 2 people i work for a massive company and i can tell you this much our weekend shift does nothing but netflix so i doubt jagex is any better. if anything its two fat guys eating fat people candy watching the office.
  8. Hello, So yesterday at work ( i work in IT) i realize that every monday we are busy as hell catching up from weekend bs. on mondays we even go above and beyond to solve issues and problems that are usually out of our scope. and then it hit me... What are mondays like for jagex. . . So i hit up an old friend who still works for that damned company, and he gave me a little peeek into the monday chaos. """now he deals with content and forums so what i really wanted to know is bots and bans""""" he explained to me that on monday the manual ban hammers are pulled out and the mods are on the hunt (he said its about 5 people lol) basically they go over all the account reports run a scan to see if the account is using 3rd party software and do a manual look through. ' Meaning they look at your age and the hours you play and how you play ( sometimes message you) and from that 3 minutes they spend on your acc they make a decision to ban you or naw. Now most of you probably know all this, so the way il bot now is probably W-S yeah that means 3 days without profit meaning im making less money per month, but hey at-least i get to make some money
  9. Hello so this is happening to one of my accounts today what is going on? i am friends with several J mods and they are looking into it. now here is the thing when i asked them about the mia account seeing if its banned they says that the account is okay and not banned so they dont even know whats going on. il contact the support directly [email protected] to see what truly is going on hope its not a 2 day ban otherwise gg acc
  10. i kinda like the ability to send credits to people although i dont see a need for credits when we have dollars and bitcoin ????
  11. to this day i dont understand the need for a middle man, typically you can smell a scammer a mile away, yet again i only trade with people ive known personally :/
  12. every botting forum ive been with i absolutely love the development of new features, gawd if only the people i met over the past few years actually worked for jagex, wed have a hell of a good game with no demand for botting or gold farming.
  13. Secure your account folks! i about lost my mind yesterday because one of my farm accounts got "hacked" lost about 50m now the loss of the gp wasnt a big deal what really got me is how in gods name someone got my pass/user ! PS. I work in IT and im studying IT security so most of my stuff uses a 16 character password lower upper case, anti virus and any registry changes to be prompted. (just basic stuff straight out of Da book)((key-loggers are soo 2002)) After about 2 hours of research and and 3 hours of crying to YoHoJo trying to blame Tribot i figured out some prick from Taiwan managed to gain access to my old fb account, found out my old email account recovered it and then found my old password sheet in a draft folder (i know never write down passwords but this sheet had 30+ users/ pass most obsolete) anyway so the prick gained access to one account and cleaned it. To summarize, in this day and age you really arent safe, take the extra step and follow good habits such as resetting your password monthly for all systems and if your not using an old email or FB or twitter to simply delete it. Otherwise they may take a whole lot more than 50mill. To me thats a small price to pay for a good reminder.