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  1. So far done 1-73 Woodcutting in 2 days with no ban, hoping it doesn't happen but will let you know if/when it does..
  2. When i download the client my file saves and opens on Internet Explorer and not a client file? How do i solve this as it's doing it for other things such as RSPS, Any help is appreciated. - Conzo
  3. Nice man! That's actually so sick haha i'm jel...Obviously whenever i stake i never win
  4. Added you on Skype and will be hoping to purchase 1 month VIP tomorrow from you, Will send you a private message on here also beforehand.
  5. Conzo


    Thought i'd put up a thread just saying hi to you all here on Tribot, I've been here for a little while now and will be hoping to use the forums much more!
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