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  1. SYtherBot

    No scripts in script folder, but I can run scripts?

    Damn, ok thanks for the help!
  2. SYtherBot

    No scripts in script folder, but I can run scripts?

    Not all of them are from the repository, was just wondering where my old .class scripts went to. Aah ok, would I have created another folder for private scripts? Thanks for both replies
  3. Was about to purchase VIP when I thought I'd check to see which scripts I still own upon opening Tribot and pressing 'Run Scripts' I saw I had all my original scripts still downloaded and was able to run them, but when I went to | File - View Local Scripts Folder | it shows no scripts at all, is it opening the wrong scripts folder? Made a short video to show the issue I'm having
  4. My stats aren't that great either, magic is under 90 and range is under 85. I died around 25-50 times with the script until I started focusing on learning when to eat and how to pray against jad phase. (some tips below, you may already know these but they've helped me out a great deal.) Don't rush to eat if you're on range phase (as long as you're praying range), he won't hit through your range and the only damage that'll you will get is either from snakelings or gas, which you can determine if it's important time to eat or not. Don't rush to eat on the mage/range phase (he can shoot both when he's turquoise color), if you're praying mage then he'll only hit you with his range shots, so if you're above 41hp (I believe his max hit is 41). If I see a range shot coming towards me and I am on/below 41hp, I'll combo eat (Shark & Karambwam), this differs greatly if you have snakelings hitting you, they can hit 15 so eat accordingly. so following this, I haven't died in a while, I might die once every 50 kills but it was definitely better than before.
  5. Dunno if this is allowed, just wanted to show how good this script is Could never kill him but now I can.
  6. SYtherBot

    Laggy and barely ever runs a script

    Getting the same problem, constantly "Downloading script..." "Unable to load script" and sometimes even when I click "Start Script" it does nothing for 60 seconds then loads directory with no scripts in it... Also running on an rather expensive gaming PC so shouldn't have any problems whatsoever.
  7. SYtherBot

    TriBot downtime for everyone or just me?

    I lost some hefty proggies and client is still down for me, you're not the only one
  8. SYtherBot

    [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Pro

    Getting this after RS Update.
  9. SYtherBot

    Ban nuke 6/04/15

    @MrWhippy69 they wouldnt happen to be some hefty mills would they?
  10. Created me a script within 24 hours, script completely flawless and has been completely professional whole time. Highly recommend this scripter to you and his prices are cheap was surprised! Thank you again Worthy.
  11. My current scripter has took a break so I am in need of a scripter, be reasonable on script price. Private Message or reply to thread, both are fine. Edit: Worthy has took the script up
  12. SYtherBot

    Zulrah auto-prayer?

    Anyone able to obtain the ID's of each form of Zulrah?
  13. SYtherBot

    Zulrah auto-prayer?

    Hoping someone will be able to get you the IDs, I can't even kill Zulrah yet
  14. SYtherBot

    Zulrah auto-prayer?

    It's definitely something I would be interested in paying for.