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  1. any updates on this script? willing to run and test it! if i like, i might buy premium ...
  2. yes when i chose the script, nothing happens, the setting option stays open, for some reason , it aint running when i press start?
  3. i'm currently running 1,5 hours and counting , didn't even have to babysit ... very nice! edit 2:35hrs atm , very nice first roll , nice numbers.. could keep going but gtg
  4. hmm an experiment script usefull for 1def pure... HmmMmmmm.... i don't think so lol... testing it right now ... it's running quite good! 40-43k avarage atm with 71range .. iron knifes thx allot for this share!
  5. gonne test it out in an hour or so , thx in advance , was looking for a free experiment killer! will keep you posted on what i think about it
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