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  1. That's just good anti ban mate losing 2 minutes of fishing for an unbanned account, i wouldn't be worried about it. When i ran this script mine randomly click on the fishing skill and scroll down to my level i was at and had a bit of a look around.
  2. No Rares

    Compensation for Downtime

    21-7-17 bot's not working, starting up but not running bugging out right clicking walk away all sorts of random stuff.
  3. Doesn't go back for re-agro. Doesn't bank properly with potions. Doesn't pot up at all. DO NOT GET THIS SCRIPT
  4. No Rares

    Login Bot Failure

    Hi all, Does anyone know why my login bot fails quite often. I'll leave with my bot on and come home to figure out after the first break the bot logs out and then doesn't log back in when there is nothing that appears to be stopping it. It just doesn't recognize it's on a login screen for some reason - I usually have to click "Existing User" myself for the bot to log back in. I'm currently using Looking Glass. I haven't tried to see if this error is also on the regular bot client.
  5. No Rares

    Can't bot anything (LG)

  6. No Rares

    Can't bot anything (LG)

    Any idea what it means?
  7. I just realized, the curser stays in the top right hand corner of the screen and keeps clicking to "run to course" .....
  8. bot seems to think it can't find canifis when I'm there already..
  9. Account was banned after consistent issues with logging out using looking glass OSBuddy. Randomly kept logging out, and wouldn't log back in even if the client still worked. Couldn't figure it out. At one point it banked my harpoon & wouldn't take it out.
  10. If I could, I would get a refund on this script. Half the graphics didn't work, and the bot was inconsistent, kept logging out. It was really bad.
  11. Currently I am experiencing an issues with the proggies. It saves them but wont show me the exp per hour, and the client freezes if I "click to show paint".
  12. No Rares

    TRiBot Bot Control Panel

    Images aren't working?