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  1. Without LG I've not been able to use this for 4 days .. are you able to do a credit or something?
  2. Can't use the agility bot I spent some of my credits on - it's only a 14 day script... it's been 2 days already. Come on guys, please fix LG.
  3. May I ask what script it was?
  4. All my bots keep stopping.
  5. The alching mechanic of the bot seems to have trouble after relogging from a break. A couple of times I've had the script stop after relogging.
  6. Tribot is working fine with OSBuddy for me now. It didn't work for about 4 tries.. then I opened it with the console to see what was going on and voila .. it was fine.
  7. Paid a little extra to get it done faster, but it was worth it. Legit service done by a legit player. Thanks for the cape Brody.
  8. Added your skype. If I didn't then I pmed you on the forums
  9. Works fine for me
  10. Has it been determined whether our client information is logged to Jagex and they go through and investigate the account then ban it? Or does it need to be manually looked into?
  11. Wrong. I'm using agility short cut. I'm not using melee weapons and I've set it up to not use special attacks. So what now? Why would the bot not respond to baby dragons attacking you either?
  12. So I purchased the bot, ran it and it kept re-banking my food for about 5 minutes and taking it back out again. Then when I readjusted the bot myself in the dungeon baby dragons interrupted the bot, it wont teleport after the inventory & it keeps re-banking food. 10 credits for this? please fix bro