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  1. my skype ID: slashjakeryan your skype ID: paul.vandis no[1:23:38 AM] Slash: lol[1:23:45 AM] paul vandis: hmm[1:24:15 AM] paul vandis: it says it will automatically be unlocked in 9 mins[1:24:38 AM] paul vandis: how does this work i give you the gold in rs3 and how do i get it in oldscool?[1:24:42 AM] Slash: i'll post your skype ID on my thread[1:24:46 AM] Slash: we go on oldschool and trade[1:25:22 AM] paul vandis: do i have anything of proof incase something happens?[1:26:13 AM] Slash: you can take a screenshot?