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  1. Just bought the script, it is working well for me. Only thing I am not able to figure out is the break handler. When the break handler starts it won't go on a break because the character is still in combat. After a NPC died it starts another NPC and tries to log out during the fight, since it was suppose to go on break. Obviously this doesn't working since the character is still in combat (You can't log out until 10 seconds after the end of combat) Any idea's on how to fix this? I had 10+ failed attempts on going on break, which looks really bot a like.
  2. Got perm ban on 2 account without a warning. Combat 105 and 119. Was using breaks: 1 hour run 30 min break, was only running for 2 hours today...
  3. I was using the Anti venom plus. This was actually my third time that this happened. The last two times I was wearing a loaded serp helm and I still lost my stuff.
  4. Maybe it is not charged or something? I've never had that message when using a serp helm.
  5. I lost my stuff again. I did not see it happen live but I checked my screen 5 minutes after it happened. EDIT: I found out what happened and I actually got my stuff back this time! 11: 39: 56: It calculated the loot, so I am at clanwars. 11:39:57: You died! 11:46:58: Login bot started, this is when I came back to my pc. I noticed that I only died 10 minutes ago so I quickly went to clan wars to see if my stuff was there. The stuff was actually at the tele spot of clan wars (I got a screenshot of this). The only question which is left: How did I die? I am assuming I got venom right before I killed Zulrah and I died when I teled to CW. Another EDIT: During the random phase it just stops working, It won't sip anti venom during this phase too. Maybe this causes dieing outside the crater? @Worthy: Any idea how to solve this?
  6. This happened to me now for the 2nd time. I log in and I lost all my stuff. I still have no idea how this is possible. Last time you suggested that I might have died outside zulrah, in both cases it happened when I was using a serp helm. The serp helm was still loaded so I can't think about a way how I died outside the crater. Any idea what could have happened?
  7. Since they are only 70 users using this bot it makes the bot way more worth it. Lower the price > more botters > more banns > lower profit. The amount of users of a script is important for the ban rate too.
  8. You did never do Zulrah by yourself did you? Makes no sense to "pick" them up.
  9. I am using quite a similar setup I recommend you to only use the cape and not ava and switch the fury for an occult nec since mage is most important. Edit: I recommend you to lower your health to eat at to like 70% or so. Otherwise It is only buzy with eating.
  10. Looking glass is not recommended to use on this script and abc2 is not implemented yet:p
  11. I got banned at the second day of using it. But at that time I didn't know to bot properly, botted for 5 hrs straight without break. Now I am using big frequent breaks and I am already running this account for a month.
  12. I have no idea what happened today with my bot, only thing I know is that I am missing some items. I was actually away for 14 hours today, when I came back the bot was still running eventhough I aspected to have ran out of some items already. After 3 hours of running the client debug says: Login bot: login... Login bot: succeeded It has been giving this message every 5 minutes for 11 hours long and it was even taking breaks in the meanwhile, I can imagine that this is a Tribot bug, but it is weird that this happened for the whole day while the breaks & login was working well before the crash. So after 14 hours I logged in and I was at the NPC where you can collect your items. It said I had no items to collect anymore, when I checked my bank I noticed I was missing my infinity boots and my occult nec. I have no idea what happened. Do you have any explanation? I am most certain that I am not hacked since I have all other with way more wealth still in my bank and the G.E. history is not changed. And I am 200% sure that I had those items since I was using them in my setup.
  13. Great! What setup are you using? I am almost finished with an account with quite similar stats.
  14. The timing is normal I assume. You might be able to speed up by lowering down the amount of switches, you have a 5 way switch for mage. 3/4 is recommended.
  15. +1, me too