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  1. TheDubbelDennis

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    Attempting the trial. GUI is not popping up for me, the GUI stays blank. Got this error: [15:46:21] Definition is null, you need to restart tribot. If issue still persists afterwards, try deleting jagex cache Restarted tribot and deleted cache. Unfortunately still can't start it. Have been using the script in the past. Any guesstions?
  2. Huge fan of this suggestion. When I am watching the script competing in a crowded world I am just hoping for a pker to come to make it world-hop. Also looking forward for Craw bow support!
  3. I am crashing everytime I am teleporting with Burning amulet at the moment.
  4. Allright. I am have a 1 def pure with 83 range and salve ei. How are you banking at Edgeville with salve ei by the way? Should be banking at Clan wars right?
  5. Are you willing to share your account stats? Can't seem to be getting any good proggies since I get out DPS-ed due to delay in attack and stats.
  6. Proggies looking promising! Is there support for Craws bow? It needs to be recharged after death with ether.
  7. Thanks, will try it out! Another question: How do I enable the use of stamina potion (using range setup)? According to your information it should use it automatically right? So far it never withdraw any, making the bot walk at some points.
  8. Response time to spawning revenants is too slow to compete with normal players IMO. All other players have already got 1 hit in when the bot clicks and 2 + hits when the bot has to change its camera. No chance competing with 80 range, got one drop in 30 minutes so far.
  9. TheDubbelDennis

    Setting up Dedicated server (Paying for help)

    Added you on skype
  10. TheDubbelDennis

    Setting up Dedicated server (Paying for help)

    I know. Really in need of help. Got the pictures from Google, not mine. Yes, but the provider does (Nocix) does not provide service to help you get into VNC, while that is the point I am struggeling with.
  11. TheDubbelDennis

    Setting up Dedicated server (Paying for help)

    They don't support in VNC activities, but only support SSH. I get this when I am in the server doing certain activities. When I am trying to reconnect I get the message: authentication failure, or target machine actively refused connection. Will try to kill and restart the serve. Thanks.
  12. I am struggeling with VPS and dedicated servers for more than two weeks now. I followed several tutorials but can't make it run stable. I often get messages as: 'Your connection has been gracefully closed' Autentication reason: too many authentication failures' 'No response from server' 'Server actively refused the connection' I noticed that a lot of those errors occur when I use to much CPU on my VPS. Then I have to reinstall the operating system and reinstall the software and the same problem will occur eventually. Therefore I decided to invest in a dedicated server which should be able to have atleast 50 bots running. Eventhough I was only using 4% of the CPU while running 7 bots the same problem occured and I got kicked from the server again. I just need some one to set up a stable server for me and I am willing to pay for that.
  13. TheDubbelDennis

    Jagex got me

    A lot of scripts seem to have bugs because your connection is just lagging. There are tons of bots without a lot of bugs.
  14. TheDubbelDennis

    Setting up Debian VPS: Disconnected

    Alllright, thanks. I will test it some days while using less CPU.
  15. TheDubbelDennis

    Setting up Debian VPS: Disconnected

    Not really motivated helping me in setting up a VPS on their servers. Got this response: "We are kindly asking your to use an SSH client to connect to your VPS instead of using a VNC client. Kindly note that the VNC connection is only provided for maintenance use and not for a constant connection to your VPS. " Status has always been on online. I was running my VPS at 90% processor usage, might that have been the reason why it keeps shutitng down? Happened over 15 times in only 4 days btw.