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  1. i just bought and everytime i go to start it it just says scripts ended
  2. bump , and hahah yeah i did copy it from my sythe page lol
  3. Hello There i have decided to start selling item kits for rfd if anybody is interested, ... So im not quite sure how much to sell it for but im going to haggle with everybody and see what good amount for everybody would be. Ill accept Osrs/paypal if you prefer, Also if you would like to use paypal ill gladly go first.Mith Glove kits- 30 instock Full quest kit- 30 instockPm me on here. For my ingame name, or Let me know how many kits you would like and your ingame name! Thanks guys!!
  4. I just comes up a blank box when i chose to pick my npc nor can i right anything in it does it need to be certain monsters?
  5. Not to good to use atm bc you cant use world hop Got a 2 day ban. But script is awesome my dumb ass just didnt wait until he fixed it and stayed in 1 world for 15 hours lol. Hopefully it gets updated soon. =D
  6. Script is awesome only flaw is the world update i just hop to a skill lvl world and then it stays logged out
  7. Thank you for the quick responses but i just found my .tribot folder deleted and reinstalled it all over again and that seem to worked
  8. i just bought tri experiments and i also have the free hill giant killer that was working up until about a day ago now all i get is downloading script
  9. mine does the same thing
  10. i just boought a new script it it kept saying downloading script and nothing would happen so i thought it was the scripts fault but i just tried a couple more and it just does the same thing any solutions? i Deleted and reinstalled tribot and everything.
  11. Hey man my photobucket is allowed and i deleted everything i could find of tribot on my comp and reinstalled it but it still tells me its downloading any other solutions?
  12. Hey i just bought this and it was running ok. But now it snares the imps i dont want it to.