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  1. how do i change my port through putty so its different from shh, i set it up using flufees way but set same port and now i cant connect i need to change either how do i do it. im logged into putty but whats the command.
  2. varrock and falador broken after update.
  3. is this script working should i buy it yet?
  4. how much for and what range lvl
  5. 1 prayer fire cape prices? stats 77 range 68 hp 60 mage 1 def 15 pray
  6. whats your skype? i can sell you them.
  7. not sure how much you looking to pay max
  8. selling 15 credits 900k ea. skype me --- live:lacoste.osbot
  9. buying 1b rs3 via pp looking for cheapest price. will use mm if i dont deem you trusted. (can provide id if required). skype : live:lacoste.osbot
  10. seem like several bug with the script can you pm me your skype so i can show them to you.