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  1. I have but not the one you mentioned. And why dafuq is this expensive?
  2. Any one here well versed with Oracle 12c and its installation? I seem to get an error over and over again. Its something related to perl.exe and google has ran out of solutions. If so please comment here and I'll add you over Skype I need help please.
  3. Color bots
  4. I tried color for 2 months on smithing cannonballs. No bans for 2 months and then I started getting bans (OSRS
  5. ur mum
  6. I'm still waiting for the page to process my request for the past 20min wtf? Trying to buy via rsgp.
  7. Dont know whats happening but its the second time that script randomly stopped itself after 45 min of usage, any ideas?
  8. Not in the case of a private script
  9. How much will that method make you an hour/acc? And good luck
  10. I've only used C# in asp.net mvc so far.
  11. Got me q few quests done super fast, thanks.
  12. Sheep Sheerer Dorics Quest Lost City Knights Sword Earnest the Chicken Restless Ghost Priest in Peril Dwarf Cannon Witches House Paying 3m+3m (2 accounts). Terms: No botting PM me your skype if interested.
  13. PM me your skype if you are willing to make me a private script, will talk there. Only private scripter please.
  14. Payment Method: OSGP Do You Agree to My ToS: YES Service Needed: Quest Will discuss via skype.
  15. Hello, I need the following quests done by HAND only. I will know if you botted. I will not pay you if the account gets banned during the service since it only means you've botted. After the service is done I will login 24 hours after the service is done just to make sure that you didn't bot and caused a ban one day after. I will provide all the required supplies in the form of gold and all the skill requirements have been reached. Cooks Assistant Romeo and Juliet Sheep Sheerer Dorics Quest Lost City Knights Sword Earnest the Chicken Restless Ghost Priest in Peril Dwarf Cannon Comment with your quote if you're willing to do it and I'll add you on skype.
  16. I only said 1 day. Other than that you'll be fully paid.