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  1. moiz.frost

    Woow, Tribot you fucking scammers

    trIb0T hek u k?
  2. moiz.frost

    Woow, Tribot you fucking scammers

    i hek u bic tiem
  3. moiz.frost

    Am I just Unlucky?

    Is the login bug fixed? I tried 4 hours ago and the script didn't login.
  4. Happened to me a couple of times, but I always keep a backup of my .tribot folder.
  5. moiz.frost

    MySQL Database Connection

    You'll have to use mysql data adapter to open up a raw connection to your database. On top of that, a better option would be to create your own restful api and host it on heroku, makes life easy.
  6. moiz.frost

    Which Runecrafting script is best?

    ExRunescrafter @ericko123
  7. moiz.frost

    So, what's next?

    Machine learning algorithms most probably
  8. I always gets prompted to connect a to a allow a proxy during my 16 hour botting period everyday during which my bot completely halts. Any ideas about this?