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  1. Does anyone of you guys know how the antibot system works? If you would've botted something that nobody else bots, would you still be able to get banned within mounthes?
  2. Why even responding to his question? The spam...
  3. I just bought this yesterday and i use the bot overnight, it ran for 3 hours and then stopped.... Is there anything that i could do about it to make it run more? Because the bot just stands still and does nothing if it isn't on the right position. For an example, i'll get an random event and get tped away, what happens? it just stands there with teleports in the bag...
  4. Hey, i'm currently using terminal on Mac instead of putty and when i came to the part when you said type "vncserver" it responded unkown command, does anyone know what i should do? I'm currently running my VPS on centOS 6.
  5. To all goldfarmers out there. This bot is waste of time. OSRS accsess costs 6 USD. I managed to farm 6 USD (3m in 2 days) and lost 2 accounts of 3. With other words, it's not proofit that we're talking about, it's just a loss........
  6. Wait what? So you mean everytime i'll get stuck in a random event and pm you i'll get a vouch code?
  7. How long could you possibly have this on without any errors?
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