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  1. TRiBot Release 9.305_6

    I keep getting the message "TRIbot has been updated, please restart" and i've tried restarting, deleting my .tribot foldern and running in delveopment mode but no matter what i do i get this issue, is anyone else getting the same?
  2. How long ?

    Would also like to know this ^^
  3. Any update on this? Sucks not being able to create accounts easily anymore.
  4. Getting the same issue, hoping for a fix soon
  5. OS Trader/Mule

    public void tradeRequestReceived(String name) { RSPlayer[] playerToTrade = Players.findNearest(Filters.Players.nameEquals(name)); if(playerToTrade.length >0) if(playerToTrade[0].isOnScreen() && playerToTrade[0].isClickable()) if(playerToTrade[0].click("Trade"))) // wait condition for trade screen to open or for a server message that player is busy. else //walk to player } Credit to @Xpointerset
  6. Need someone to create me 15/20 accounts a day and them doing tut island and 7QP. If it's against the rules for you to create the account then I'll supply them. can be botted I don't care pm me prices or post on here thank you
  7. Checking Who's in Clan Chat

    Gonna sound really dumb but how do i connect the two? I've got my main class and then i created a new class in the same package and pasted the code from the clanchat API into it. How do i connect them now so i can use them together? Thanks
  8. Checking Who's in Clan Chat

    I've set up automatic mule on my bots but for it to trade the slaves i'm having to manually add the usernames of the bots which is getting tedious when i'm suicide bottling them. I've made it so once the script starts up it joins my mules CC but how do i make the mule check to see if a user is in the clan chat to trade? I couldn't find anything to do with clan chats in the doc's and i'm new to this so i'm not sure where to start. All help would be much appreciated. Thank you Lewanator3
  9. Accepting Trade

    Thank you so much! Much appreciated!
  10. Accepting Trade

    I've been trying to make my bot accept a trade for the past few hours but i'm going round in circles at this point. I'm trying to acomplish that once i send one of the bots a trade request it will accept it in the chat box at the bottom by simply clicking it. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated. Thank you, Lewanator3
  11. Private Script Request

    Pm for details, need a simple private script making but want some advanced features implementing into it for ease of use. Thank you, Lewanator3
  12. Nightmare zone bots dead

    Just saw this, not sure exactly how nmz bots work but couldn't this cause some issues with how many people need them? https://twitter.com/OldSchoolRS Edit - Realise it hasn't linked the tweet, it's the second one down (at this time) and about nmz
  13. Script repository

    Yeah I support this, it's a pain having to check each script to see when it was last updated