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  1. Looking to buy this, what do you do so the account you're hosting on doesn't logout?
  2. @Usa TO HOUSE: House teleport HOUSE LOCATION: Rimmington TO BANK: Ring of duelling TABLET: Varrock teleport USE FRIEND'S HOUSE: (False) USE SERVANT: (False) Issue(s) Experienced: Forgets to withdraw an earth rune then tries to cast house teleport, kept clicking it for a solid 2hours until I manually stopped it.. Your thread is getting spammed by me ;D
  3. @warfront1 script sometimes get stuck on karamja or just stands still in edge after the teleport to edgeville (glory method crafting chaos runes via abbys) and spams this : http://i.gyazo.com/da2529c51d1fdc2303b6fc2219453a38.png
  4. @Usa another problem with the script is, if it runs out of supplies (doesn't matter which supplies) it's just sit pointlessly in bank hovering the mouse all around the bank for hours until I manually log it out, it's just asking for a ban
  5. @Usa rarely it won't withdraw any house teleports without errors..just closes bank and sits there, if you manually withdraw a house teleport script continues
  6. @Aropupu besides the crafting guild, is there any spots to mine clay?
  7. @Usa It has the same issue with every item he wants to withdraw, now the duelling ring is fixed I have to manually take out my runes because it keeps saying he couldn't find it and stops the script (same issue as with the rings of duelling).. after I do that he goes on about not having any house teleports in my bank so I have to withdraw those aswell, after the ring of duelling crumbles it equips a new one, then goes on about not being able to find any soft clay so the script closes yet again... D:
  8. TO HOUSE: (Tab) HOUSE LOCATION: (Taverly) TO BANK: (Duel ring) TABLET: (Varrock) USE FRIEND'S HOUSE: (False) USE SERVANT: (False) Issue(s) Experienced: Start bot and keeps saying ring of duelling not found while its clearly in the first bank slot, opens and closes the bank three times before stopping the script Also when I equip the ring of duelling myself it starts making tabs, once done he teleports to castle wars and keeps spamming the teleport to castle wars until no ring charges are left then says I'm out of ring of duellings
  9. @Zainy no I was botting for like 5 hours and suddenly it started doing that, even after a few script restarts, then it went fine for 1 trip, then back to clicking the run on/off button ( after it started fine I went to the shop) coming back and doing the same thing, few minutes later banned
  10. Bot's status (if seen): NOTHING Error message (if given): none What you experienced: Keeps turning off and on the run button What should have happened: banking the loot and withdrawing food
  11. Not sure if its a fault of tribot or your script but after it got pked it hopped to a bounty hunter world ;D might wanna take those pvp worlds out of the list
  12. Yeah on a wolves task, kills the three in security stronghold, teleports camelot, back to varrock and walks back to them, repeats until done
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