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  1. around 23b. I bought a labradoodle, gambled 1500 away, paid off some college loans, and invested the rest in oil ETFs
  2. It was not a pest control bot. We bug abused so we could hit the portal for an entire week without 6 hour logout. Also, you would need a level 40 account which takes about 2-3 hours.
  3. Yes one account banned for real world trading. The account perviously had a perm botting ban (Tweeted mod reach to look into it and get got be unbanned..lol), then after 2 weeks and transferring a lot of gold it got hit with the hammer. In my experience proxies did the job for us as tribot is AWESOME when it comes to proxies. The site I used (Which I highly suggest) is https://proxybonanza.com/en .
  4. They can't pursue me legally, many a civil suit but I don't worry about that. Wrong. Its low because a possible Iran nuclear deal, turmoil in the middle east, Russian sanctions, and increase production in the US
  5. I invest In the stock called "Oil" and its inverse "DWTI". Oil is at a historic low so why not invest in it
  6. No it doesn't work. Here is how I abused it at duel arena too. Made about 2b total at duel arena.
  7. I already had a car, I only bought labradoodle. I have been currently investing it and in 1 month i've made 20% return on my investments.
  8. I'm done playing runescape. Their are many things to make money off of that don't include runescape. I didn't lose much gold on the accounts. What i did lose was about $600-800, 28 z spears. each account had about 5-15m worth of loots of them. But honestly, it did not affect me at all as I was going to create an army bigger and better within a week.
  9. Acknowledge
  10. 3 months, 23b I don't feel like converting that to dollars then to pounds lol
  11. Yeah, sadly someone in the bug abuse community reported me directly to a Jmod (Reach) and banned my whole army 2 days before the patch which resulted in 28 near maxed account and 6 dark core pets being banned. The funny thing was I didn't let the ban get to me. I had 35 accounts training at PC when everyone got banned. sadly they only had 2 days to train and I have 35 accounts with 70+ att and 60+ str to sell haha.
  12. No, I quit runescape. Feel free to try and tell me if you found anything!
  13. Killing corporeal beast in a big mass. I saw someone using granite maul to spec to boss so I decided to try speccing it too. While gmaul was in inventory I noticed the drop was not going to be mine so I logged out mid kill so my stats would not reset. Then I realized I did something to produce invincibility because I wasn't being hit and my prayer/ stats were not draining. After testing I concluded the granite maul was to blame! Thats when the fun started
  14. I wouldn't listen to them and you should keep botting. When I was botting corp beast a lot of accounts got a 2 day ban, and we continued to bot on those accounts and some lasted until the end.