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  1. Buying 85 Credits 07 or BTC Prefer to buy all at once.
  2. Viet


  3. The buyer works great, but the issue I'm running in with is the shop I'm using has a door, with the WebWalking it opens the door and then just idles. With adding the objects to shop from bank I didn't add an object because the door is normally already open when you need to bank, but when you set an object from shop to bank it opens the door every time you login before it buys (unhuman like). I need to be able to hop worlds and buy an inventory then the bot needs to know to open the door then bank then run back, I'm positive I've set this up all correctly but its not working as intended. If I can get some extra help please.
  4. Can someone link me to this guide for this feature, thanks
  5. How many Zulrah Mules do we need? If there is 1 Mule collecting from 33 accounts, why do we need to buy more
  6. I'm sure many have run into this error, how do I close other instances that aren't visible?
  7. Can you add a feature for the bot to buy more absortions and overloads from the chest to refill the barrels?
  8. to my understanding, it's guzzling every 1 minute to keep you at 1 hp. whenever you hit 2 hp, it'll re guzzle to maximize efficiency since when you're 1hp the max monsters can hit is 1, this is pretty standard. best
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