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  1. Break the script into decoupled functions like: Bank Attack NPC Eat food and drink consumables Loot Walk to bank Walk to NPC location Then tackle the list of functions systematically, one at a time. For each function you tackle, break it down further into smaller elements, like for the loot function: A function to get all the ground items in an area that match a given ID list A function to sort those ground items by distance from player so you can pick them up efficiently A function to check if the player has space for a given ground item A function to pick up a given ground item
  2. The entire point of it being a private script is so as few people as possible have access to it.
  4. I have a tiny set of jangerberries.
  5. The only mule ban I ever had was when trading a lot of wealth (1+ bil) across many bots in a short period of time, and most likely happened because the method I was using on those bots was high risk.
  6. Best way to get better at anything is to set a goal that is moderately outside of your comfort zone and then accomplish it step by step. Learn the things you need to learn in order to accomplish the task and then get started. Do a little every day/week so you won't burn yourself out.
  7. Depends from person to person.
  8. You posted this earlier: If the only way for tannerOpen to be 1 is that click value is 2, then it's impossible for click value to == 0 and then tannerOpen to == 1 immediately after. Unless you have fixed the above post, you need to find out why that specific series of events is happening that way.
  9. From what I can see, your issue is coming from your code structure. You need to think about what conditions you'll allow your program to set tannerOpen == 1. You need to be absolutely certain that the ONLY reason tannerOpen can equal 1 is when you successfully click the target, and Timing.waitCrosshair() produces a value of 2. Then, and only then, does the tanner interface qualify to be open. Before you do anything, try to make 100% sure you can create a scenario in which you can successfully click the tanner and produce a waitCrosshair() value of 2, which means you clicked and it produced a red crosshair. You solve that problem and you'll probably fix the whole thing.
  10. I can only see the scenario where your tannerOpen var is set to 1, I'm assuming you set it to 0 at some point, right? If you're not resetting it back to 0 after a successful interaction, that may be a potential solution. You should be checking if the value produced by waitCrosshair() == 2 before setting tannerOpen to 1 because only when you get a red crosshair does it mean you were successful. Try again, but println the value of waitCrosshair() as well, and set tannerOpen to 1 only if waitCrosshair() returns 2. Try these changes and let us know what happens.
  11. Right after you do AccurateMouse.click(ellis[0], "Trade"), you can call Timing.waitCrossHair(100). If it returns the value 2 (red crosshair), then you successfully clicked something, probably Ellis. If it returns 1, then you missed (yellow crosshair). 0 means no crosshair appeared in 100 milliseconds, so you probably need to increase the value from 100. If increasing the value doesn't make it produce a return value of either 1 or 2, then your click function is returning true even though the click is failing. I would try a different method in that case like dynamic mouse clicking.
  12. You can try looking for the little red/yellow X to appear on screen to confirm if you were successful or not. Timing.waitCrosshair is what you'll need for that.
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