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  1. IceKontroI

    Those who use SceneBuilder/JavaFX

    Have you tried the obvious option of uninstalling and reinstalling? Is Scene Builder slower on one PC than the other? What kind of resource values are being used for CPU and memory on the work computer vs the home one?
  2. IceKontroI

    Those who use SceneBuilder/JavaFX

    One thing I noticed was that the longer Scene Builder is open for, the more lag I have when performing any action within it.
  3. IceKontroI

    No idea why I get banned

    @asiliukas123 Are your accounts the same as his? Levels Quest points Account's age Are you both using the same script?
  4. IceKontroI

    Suspcious random bot debug message

    That was happening to me yesterday at the GE. I believe some moderator was talking to someone in-game and it appeared in my game chat log.
  5. IceKontroI

    Bots banned after 30 mins

    Lots has changed in 10 years, as you would probably expect.
  6. IceKontroI

    New to Botting!

    The basics are all available on the forums. Google safe OSRS botting habits. That being said, nothing beats experience. You're gonna need to invest time and money into learning the ropes, and you'll need to adopt a mindset that doesn't allow you to get easily discouraged by bans because they will happen. Your end goal should be to minimize the bans, not eliminate them.
  7. IceKontroI

    Class 'woodcutter' is never used

    @Yawodo The TRiBot client loads the Script class and uses it externally so your IDE doesn't know it actually is being used. I have the same problem, and you can @SuppressWarnings like this: @ScriptManifest(authors = "IceKontroI", name = "Collection Bin Tester", category = "@ utils") @SuppressWarnings("unused") public class CollectionBinTest extends Script { @Override public void run() { to solve the IDE error marker. Not sure if that will solve the issue where your project isn't building properly. That may have something to do with your WebWalking import.
  8. IceKontroI

    Scouting Script

    @basmaarten Be on the lookout for scripters asking for bitcoin in exchange for private scripts, everything should be done through TRiBot credits.
  9. IceKontroI

    Random Right Clicking

    @VoodooHD The forced antiban you're experiencing is part of a built-in antiban feature of tribot. It's designed to learn the way your script runs and inject antiban into your activity pattern to make the pattern less robotic. I'm not sure if it actually improves banrates, and there are certainly situations where it can cause problems, but make sure you're not just frivolously removing this feature.
  10. IceKontroI

    Having trouble "focusing"

    No, still haven't figured this out. Hopping the mouse won't regain focus, it just teleports the cursor. Clicking somewhere on the game screen will though. I've suspected but never tested that clicking off-screen might cause a focus lost event. I've been meaning to revisit this project in the future so if you find anything out, please let me know.
  11. IceKontroI

    checking if object exists

    @kristjanit I think the others are right. When you cache the value of an RSObject, it's not dynamic, meaning when the RSObject disappears from the game world, it will not become null in your cached variable. You will need to find some alternative way of confirming/denying that an RSObject exists. The RSObject.hashCode() method will return a unique value for each spawned RSObject instance. So you would first cache the HashCode of the target RSObject in a variable, then to check if that exact RSObject exists in-game, you would filter all RSObjects in 128 radius, with the condition that their HashCodes match the cached value. You'll either get 1 or 0 elements in the returned array. 1 means it exists, 0 means it disappeared from the game world. When you get a 0, you should find a new RSObject of the type in question, cache its HashCode, then continue the loop.
  12. IceKontroI

    run() Question

    Like naton said, its run() method is called by something higher up. Essentially the Script object is probably passed to a controller object that calls the run() method. Before it calls the run() method it calls the onStart() method if your script implements Starting, and after run() returns it calls the onEnd() method if your script implements Ending. It's also responsible for adding your Script as a listener for mouse movements if your script implements MouseActions for example. This structure takes a lot of work out of the hands of the Scripter so everything seems to just magically work.
  13. Good to know I'm not the only one taking the time to utilize player preference as an antiban.
  14. IceKontroI

    Botting on Multiple computers

    If you bot so much on your home PC that that PC's IP address gets flagged, then it's possible they'll pay your main account more attention. But it'll be safe as long as you're playing legit on the main account. This is from personal experience, your mileage may vary. Proxies are used to prevent chain bans. So if you wanted to bot on 5 accounts simultaneously on the same computer, they would all have the same IP address unless you ran them through proxies. If they all have the same IP address, if one gets banned, Jagex may also ban the others because it looks like a bot farm. If they all have different IPs, the bans of one account will most likely not affect the other accounts.
  15. IceKontroI

    Longevity Protection

    @Jerminater If you haven't implemented this already, do so: This is the golden standard for TRiBot scripts as far as antiban and human emulation goes. Another word of advice: try not to make static scripts, strive for dynamic ones. A static script follows a rigid step by step structure, where you must complete things in order in order to progress with the script. Static scripts require that you start the script in a specific way, since it can't figure out where it is in the overall scheme of your script. A dynamic script is able to pick up anywhere by figuring out what step it's in the middle of, so you can start the script at any point in the process and it will figure out where it left off by checking various conditions. Finally: don't use General.random(x, y) to determine sleep times, or what coordinates within an interface the player should click on. There are some functions that allow you to select a more humanlike distribution of click point clusters within click targets. If you can't find those functions, or are unsure if a function supports this, use this post to generate your own functions: