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  1. It's likely that your issue lies within walkToMine() which is probably throwing an exception which stops the entire script.
  2. Why does your boolean method only ever return false? I would make it void if this is the entire thing. Maybe your issue has to do with RSNPC NOTE = NPC[0]; I can't figure out where NPC[0] is coming from. Is it part of a variable somewhere? Are you trying to store an RSItem in an RSNPC array? If that's the case try using RSItem[] notes = Inventory.find(someID);
  3. Anyone know of a way to check if a door requires a key or is locked without actually walking to it and attempting to open it? I'm making some blanket methods for basic operations, some of which require opening doors, but I wanted to be thorough and not attempt to open doors that require a key or are already locked. Are there a list of IDs somewhere that represent locked doors? Or does the Doors class already cover this area and won't attempt to open locked doors?
  4. Yeah it was RS3 Game that was doing it, thanks, I always miss one super obvious thing. Kinda wish those would just be removed from the API though since RS3 isn't supported...
  5. EDIT: Long story sort, save yourself a lot of time by making sure you didn't accidentally import an RS3 function.
  6. That actually worked, that's awesome dude! I was also able to get it to resume the threads by repeating the snippet but using thread.resume() instead. I know that thread.resume() is deprecated, is there a different method I should be using for this? I'm assuming that thread.start() may not work or will reset all the timers cause it's not resuming.
  7. I need the mouse to stand perfectly still for a given period of time. Unfortunately using the snippet below to stop Tribot's built-in random mouse movements is only for Scripter rank users which I am not. this.setAIAntibanState(false); // Where "this" is the class that extends Script and contains the run() method. I get that the restriction is there so inexperienced scripters don't turn it off and accidentally cause a high banrate by having no base antiban. That being said, I'm more than experienced enough and I'm using this on a personal local script of mine so. I turn off AIAntiban for 4-5 seconds at the most and then turn it back on. In fact I have good reason to suspect that not being able to turn it off is actually increasing my banrate. I need to know if there's a way an exception could be made in my case, or if there is some alternative. And before anyone asks, yes I've looked into alternate ways of doing what I'm doing and there is no way around it. I need to be able to pause my AIAntiban state, but I can't because I'm not Scripter rank.
  8. Jagex is an understanding organization, they'll refund you.
  9. Possible? Yes. Probable? No. Very much no.
  10. Probably shouldn't have used proxies on the main. Think about it. They see you log in from your home IP every time you play, then randomly you log in from another IP that can be traced to a server rack owned by some company. On this IP you start performing the same series of tasks over and over. That right there probably raised a red flag or two.
  11. Trilez has no obligation to compensate you ANYTHING, but decided anyway to extend VIP. This is the part where you wait patiently.
  12. There are many scenarios where stopping the built-in client random mouse movements is useful. You may need to simulate an idle logout or maybe you're in the wilderness hovering over the logout button to avoid getting PKed. Unfortunately Script.setAIAntibanState(...) is only available to scripters and specific repository scripts, which is ridiculous. I'm not scripter because I don't have the time to create and maintain free scripts for the community nor am I very "active" as I'm a full time college student. This is also a huge roadblock for me as being able to turn off random movements temporarily is necessary for my script to actually work well. Otherwise there's a huge efficiency issue and most of my time sensitive actions will be off. Is there any workaround for this at all? Could I upload a script to the repository privately and have a moderator tag it as being able to use Script.setAIAntibanState(...)?
  13. Typically these types of bans wear off after 1 year so you're probably good to go. Just take necessary precautions in general.
  14. When you use RSModel.getHeight() it returns an int value. Whatever that value is measured in (probably pixels) is what I'm trying to measure RSTiles in.
  15. I've done some napkin math and figured that each RSTile is 120 x 120 units in length. Anyone know the actual figure?