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  1. I have no hard evidence for or against Jagex monitoring KeyEvents. I'm doing this to be thorough, and to future-proof against them doing it in the future.
  2. I can perfectly emulate human KeyEvents (I think). There's just one difference that I'm aware of: java.awt.event.KeyEvent[KEY_PRESSED,keyCode=81,keyText=Q,keyChar='q',keyLocation=KEY_LOCATION_STANDARD,rawCode=81,primaryLevelUnicode=113,scancode=16,extendedKeyCode=0x51] on canvas1 java.awt.event.KeyEvent[KEY_PRESSED,keyCode=81,keyText=Q,keyChar='q',keyLocation=KEY_LOCATION_STANDARD,rawCode=81,primaryLevelUnicode=113,scancode=0,extendedKeyCode=0x51] on canvas1 First is human, second is bot. I can't change the scancode value. It's a private transient field in the KeyEvent class. I was able to change rawCode, primaryLevelUnicode, and extendedKeyCode using AWTAccessor.getKeyEventAccessor(), but there's nothing for scancode there. Anyone know how to do this without reflection? Or how to use reflection in a TRiBot script? Thanks! PS: Anyone know why the OSRS Canvas keeps changing? It seems to get replaced by a new Canvas every so often, especially when a new TRiBot tab is generated. I dynamically retrieve it for each event I generate to ensure it's correct, but I was just curious.
  3. Oh yeah boy am I deep in the weeds. That's interesting, it means Jagex is monitoring KeyEvents as they should. It would certainly be a useful thread to read, if you stumble upon it please PM me, I'd be 100% interested. As far as integration, I'm only using the raw typing methods, but I'm using them frequently. Analyzing TRiBot's Keyboard class revealed it wasn't asynchronous (player basically types with 1 finger). I made my own typing function that uses sendType(), sendPress(), and sendRelease() assuming that they would only send the events, and nothing else. Turns out they press shift if the char to type requires it (and sometimes even if it doesn't), and have some issues with timestamps being 1000+ millis off from when the event should have fired. In the end, I figure things would just be smoother for me if I just did everything myself. Currently I can generate KeyEvents that are indistinguishable (I think) from human ones. I use AWTAccessor.getKeyEventAccessor() to change the RawCode, PrimaryLevelUnicode, and ExtendedKeyCode which are otherwise private fields. Still can't change ScanCode value though unfortunately. Sometimes I notice that the canvas variable name changes from canvas1 to canvas2 which makes me think I'm using the wrong canvas cause it changes on me (more testing needed).
  4. Using the following code, I'm able to grab the OSRS Canvas directly: Note that getTRiBotComponents() is just a function that iterates over all the Components of TRiBot. I can post that code if requested, but it's not optimized. I'm also sure this method isn't tab-proof, it's just for the experiment right now. Once I have the canvas, I can cache it and fire events from it as I please. I'm writing some custom key typing methods and since TRiBot's methods for sending Type/Press/Release events isn't properly decoupled and isolated from other functions, I need to create my own versions. When I generate events, I'm going to use the cached canvas as a fake source. I'll tweak the events so that they're indistinguishable from events sent from actual human interaction. Once I have an event properly generated, I'll send it via the canvas.dispatchEvent(myEvent) method. My question is, is this way of generating events indistinguishable from human event generation? Essentially, can anyone more knowledgeable in Java events vouch for the legitimacy of my way of doing it?
  5. kms Those posts are for a different issue, probably caused by the same core problem though
  6. I bought VIP to work on a local script I've had in the making for a while. None of my local scripts are showing up. I've been working with local scripts for years and I hadn't changed anything about my setup, java version, or folder structure. All the scripts were compiled to the correct directories. When I click "view local scripts folder" it takes me to the folder where all my stuff is. I've done everything, changed settings, recompiled stuff, using JRE at launch instead of JDK. I'm using Java Version 8 Update 162 (build 1.8.0_162-b12). Repository scripts are showing up for me but local scripts are not. I have VIP as you can see from my profile. Has something changed? I swear I'm not doing anything differently than before. EDIT 1: Is something off about the VIP registration on tribot servers? Sometimes when I reload this page it shows 0 with recurring, others it's 30 with recurring. This is genuinely frustrating. EDIT 2: And now I'm starting to get this:
  7. I'd be curious to see most expensive in-game items scammed
  8. That's actually a hilarious form of sabotage
  9. Now let's be objective here, correlation does not necessarily imply causation.
  10. But guys, market manipulation is very clearly stated to be against the RuneScape rules. What gives?
  11. proof of t00ring test or UR n00t h00man

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