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  1. CAPTCHA intercepted me

    it could be that the IP you are using was associated with spam by captcha and this caused the interception, but im just speculating EDIT: Maybe someone else was using that proxy for spamming purposes while you were filling out that form and captcha thought you were part of the query spamming of that other user. @awfullawton
  2. universal bot convo

    I think it's less about making it look like a genuine conversation, and more about having friends added to a friends list + using the messaging system. While I'm sure Jagex doesn't flag players that don't speak in-game, I'm sure they probably do consider those who do speak to have a higher chance of being human players. Similar to what @wastedbro said, recurrent neural networks could easily be used to generate semi-coherent conversations, just check out this video. The real trick is figuring out how to safely converse between bots. EDIT: Skip to ~7 minutes in if you're not interested in the breakdown of how the network actually works.
  3. autochat

    I hope that's not how your autochat speaks.
  4. Anti-Ban Ideas

    I doubt Jagex would discriminate against an account just because it's doing something a certain way (as long as that way isn't botlike). Some human players really do perform weird action variants most of the time. Even if they did discriminate, I don't see a good way to get human data for this as the variants would be highly situational. The important thing here I think is simply that you are diversifying, because most bots do not do this and you at the very least differentiating your script from those, and staying ahead of the curve. Then you could simply make a java.util.Random(Player.getRSPlayer.getName().hashCode() * variant.getName().getHashCode()) and then call random.nextDouble() to get a preference rating for that specific variant. Compare those ratings and select one using probability, and the most preferred one will be selected more often, but all others still have a chance of being picked. It's important that you use a String or preset ID for each variant so that their HashCodes have persistent values through different script instances.
  5. Corrupt-A-Wish (give away)

    Granted, but you have to work at Jagex and can only ban your own bots. I wish my actions IRL had good antiban.
  6. Anti-Ban Ideas

    IMO the best antiban is one that's baked directly into the script functions. So if you want to perform an action, and there are 3 different ways of performing that action, program in all 3 ways. Then make it so that each account has 1 "preferred" way of doing that action, but also have a chance to select the other 2. It's not simple to do, but that's the way humans do it. Think of all the ways you can create a GE buy offer. You can start it by clicking the GE offer sell button, or create one from the History section if it already exists. Then you have your choice of what search String you will input, as the entire name isn't necessary. Then you have a choice of whether to put in Price or Quantity first. Then you need to decide whether or not you use the input buttons or input a custom price via typing. If you're typing, do you type out the whole value or abbreviate thousands with "k" and millions with "m"? If you implement all these possibilities, it diversifies your character profile in a way that no standard antiban could. EDIT: Yes I know this isn't feasible, or even reasonable to do, this was just an example to prove that even a simple action like creating a buy offer can be made extremely diverse. Typically bots will only ever do something one way and if they do it that single way 1000 times, it looks fishy.
  7. Do you think this is needed?

    Improving convenience does make information more accessible. Sometimes people are less willing to search for information when there isn't a guarantee that it'll be there to begin with. Making a section dedicated purely to changelogs would be an improvement, but there are many things on the forums that should be improved before something like this is implemented. For example: removing all the RS3 related forum sections.
  8. Need Some Guidance in f2p

    Think of a RS bond like an insurance policy. It severely reduces the chances of your accounts being banned. If you want to make ranged pures quickly and reliably, they should probably be P2P. If you want to make them simultaneously, I would recommend looking into proxies to hide their IP addresses and prevent chain bans.
  9. Yeah that's a solid set of guidelines. Once you get to step 3, I would recommend writing a very simple script just to get the flow of things, a power chopper for example, nothing fancy. Then analyze your own processes and figure out how you would go about completing the objective of the script. Use something like https://www.draw.io/ to map out the process visually so you can understand how the actions flow into each other. Then once you've got your framework you can get into the details of it. EDIT: Forgot to mention, sometimes it helps significantly to just perform the actions you want the script to do yourself for 20-30 minutes, analyzing your own actions and thought processes along the way. Everyone's process is different so it may work for you, it may not. I ended up recording myself running through the script actions manually and then watching the video after, which was very useful for gaining perspective.
  10. Can desktop PC's run 50+ bots at once ?

    You might be able to get away with it if you build the PC specifically for OSRS botting. So get a cheap utility mobo with no bells and whistles, powerful CPU (lots of cores, as high clock speed as possible), 20+ GB of RAM, whatever HDD you can get your hands on cheaply, and most importantly the bare minimum graphics card you can get your hands on.
  11. This is why I write my own scripts. No subscription fees, total control over script development and updates, lower banrate, and best of all programming is a useful skill.
  12. (P) Research Paper

    There are essay writing services online, see what they charge, then convert to OSRS GP for a general price estimate.
  13. Need help regarding bans please

    @Iceyveins If you weren't caught doing it I would be very confident in saying you're safe. If you did get a temp ban for it, I would still be relatively confident, but only because Jagex tends to be forgiving with old accounts and bans on an account older than 1 year tend to get ignored.
  14. Need help regarding bans please

    @Iceyveins Like yoho said, as long as the bot does not interact with the main you should be fine. VIP-E will only improve the banrate of the account that's being botted. Further as long as you are using the regular OSRS client or OSBuddy, I don't believe there is any risk at all on the main account. That's assuming of course that you didn't bot on it before and you aren't using it for real world trading.
  15. Tribots Antiban

    I would be interested in seeing data showing that there is an increase in banrate over the time period you mentioned.