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  1. IceKontroI

    tribot after update question

    You seem to be confusing Tribot's updates with RS updates.
  2. IceKontroI

    Any other client of LG?

    I wouldn't assume that. If jagex wants to monitor your account activity, they'll just do it through their servers not the client.
  3. IceKontroI

    f2p money making method with no reqs

    Unfortunately since F2P money making with low reqs is extremely lucrative, all of the viable methods for that have been botted into unprofitability. Any methods still left are obscure and people who know about them will not reveal them publicly as they're probably botting them and it'll hurt their profits.
  4. IceKontroI

    What is a premium script you would like to see?

    I would like to see Open AI play Runescape instead of Dota 2.
  5. IceKontroI

    [FIXED] FPS/Heap problems (not using LG)

    To me this looks like a script specific issue. You can prove this by running a different script and seeing if you have better FPS. The script is probably creating a lot of Java Objects very quickly (hence the rising heap size value) and then once it gets past a certain threshold, in order to free up necessary memory, Java deletes all unused Objects. On a side note, the default heap space of 386mb is almost always more than enough for 1 client instance. @8uwin
  6. IceKontroI

    TRiBot Release 10.0_0

    Thanks, was getting tired of accidentally importing an RS3 version of some 07 class. That and all the clutter in the API will be gone so it'll be nicer for new users to get accustomed.
  7. IceKontroI

    Looking Glass

    If you're using proxies, they could be flagged by Jagex. This means that any account logged in through that flagged IP may be banned at a higher rate than normal. This is especially the case on fresh accounts. Looking Glass has been shown to reduce the occurrence of this significantly. The only downside is that LG uses several times the resources (RAM and CPU) of the regular client.
  8. IceKontroI

    How do you bot?

    What script did you use? If it's a super popular script it's possible Jagex can detect the activity pattern of that script. Did your script involve a lot of walking? I've got some suspicions about TRiBot's web walker and banrates but I can't prove them.
  9. IceKontroI

    Grand Exchange API - Help

    @NeuroGenix I'm not sure if you just wanted your own implementation of this, but Tribot already does have all the GE constants set up (not sure if they dynamically change with updates).
  10. IceKontroI

    Need help, slow client

    This happens to me sometimes when I've not turned my PC off in 2+ weeks.
  11. IceKontroI

    PLEASE READ - Mac support

    Not a mac user so possibly this is wrong. Try to increase your display resolution to the highest possible value. Then maybe it won't clip the edge of your screen.
  12. IceKontroI

    Thoughts on botting overnight?

    That's an edge case. Consider that tens of thousands of bans occur every week. Even if their stream was going 24/7 they wouldn't be able to ban 1% of that figure.
  13. IceKontroI

    Thoughts on botting overnight?

    You can be safe and not bot during Jag hours, but there's not really any conclusive evidence that Jag does manual bans or that this type of avoidance actually helps.
  14. IceKontroI

    Please welcome our new developers

    Oh cool, things are happening. That's weird.
  15. @Ghandi The best way to learn is to set yourself a goal that is somewhat out of reach given your current scripting capabilities. Then break the goal down into steps and learn what you need as you go along. If you really truly want to accomplish the script goal, you will learn the skills you need with enthusiasm and interest, which is a powerful driving force. Doing it this way also kills two birds with one stone: the script goal and the learning goal.