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  1. Oh that is awesome, I could do some totally cool shit with that.
  2. I've been using DynamicClicking for a while and I really enjoy it. I have, however, noticed that it very frequently misclicks because it undershoots the target. I've been looking for ways to fix this, and was wondering if DynamicClicking.clickPoint(...) would do the trick. If it does what I think it does, I'll be able to supply a point that compensates for the function's tendency to undershoot and as a result make it more accurate. I just can't figure out what the first parameter is supposed to be. https://tribot.org/doc/org/tribot/api/DynamicClicking.html#clickPoint-org.tribot.api.types.generic.CustomRet_0P-int- It says it's a CustomRet_0P but I have no idea what that is, and I can't find any documentation in the API or any discussions on Tribot forums. Anyone know what this is or how it's supposed to work? Even if it doesn't suit my purpose I would still like to know what it's used for and how I can utilize it.
  3. I should have been more specific, although that's the solution I'll be going with for now. I was hoping there would be a way to check an NPC's aggressiveness flag directly because the combat level check doesn't always apply. Sometimes enemies will become aggressive regardless of level or some high level monsters don't attack until you hit them first.
  4. Anyone know if there's a method or trick I can use to detect if an NPC is hostile to the player? I want my walking method to turn run on if it detects hostile NPCs, and I don't want to have to wait until I get hit to react.
  5. Or maybe today was Jagex ban day and your account was just flagged for inspection
  6. This happened about a year ago as well, peoples' non-bot accounts were getting banned. I would say just wait it out until it gets patched, that was the solution last time.
  7. That's true in what seems like probably most cases. The only exceptions I can think of are items with the "Empty" option like potions and buckets etc. I could hardcode a special case for those items and follow the above rule in other cases. This seems like a solution with a good amount of promise, thanks!
  8. What I mean is it's faster to click an item whose default action is "Use" then to right click something whose default is for example "Eat" and then click "Use". So if item 1's default is "Eat" and item2's default is "Use" I want to click item 2 first, then click item 1.
  9. The code RSItemDefinition.def = (myItem.getDefinition()); String[] actions = def.getActions(); produces the list of actions you can perform when interacting with a given item. This excludes the "Use" option and the "Examine" option. I'm looking to find out if the default action of a specific item is "Use" or some other action. This is to be used in an item combining API I'm currently writing. I want the pattern generation to prioritize clicking items with the "Use" option first and. I was banking on the above code to provide this information to me but for some reason the "Use" option is omitted from the action list. It sucks that I had to find out about this after writing the entire structure for the combination function but what you gonna do? Anyone have any ideas on how I can get this information? It's not crucial but it would add a very high level of realism and efficiency to the API itself. Once it's complete I'll probably post the whole thing for the community to use.
  10. My whole point is that I need to find a way to use the built in API methods to generate humanlike click points for use with Mouse.drag()...
  11. I'm working on some stuff that requires moving an item from one index in the inventory to another. I could just use Mouse.drag(pointA, pointB, 1) and generate random points within the RSItem.getArea() Rectangle, but I want to use the human click point algorithm RSModel.getHumanHoverPoint(...) uses. How would I generate a human click point on an item for use with Mouse.Drag()? EDIT: Could I just make an RSModel from the RSItem.getArea() Rectangle and use that? Seems complicated. EDIT2: Does Mouse.moveBox(...) use the human algorithm mentioned above?
  12. It's likely that your issue lies within walkToMine() which is probably throwing an exception which stops the entire script.
  13. Why does your boolean method only ever return false? I would make it void if this is the entire thing. Maybe your issue has to do with RSNPC NOTE = NPC[0]; I can't figure out where NPC[0] is coming from. Is it part of a variable somewhere? Are you trying to store an RSItem in an RSNPC array? If that's the case try using RSItem[] notes = Inventory.find(someID);
  14. Anyone know of a way to check if a door requires a key or is locked without actually walking to it and attempting to open it? I'm making some blanket methods for basic operations, some of which require opening doors, but I wanted to be thorough and not attempt to open doors that require a key or are already locked. Are there a list of IDs somewhere that represent locked doors? Or does the Doors class already cover this area and won't attempt to open locked doors?
  15. Yeah it was RS3 Game that was doing it, thanks, I always miss one super obvious thing. Kinda wish those would just be removed from the API though since RS3 isn't supported...