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  1. camera movement

    Theoretically, in the case of DynamicMouse right clicking to select something through another clickable object, all Jagex would need to do is check how often an account right clicks to select an action when the action was not the default action. Of course actual players do this, but they do so significantly less than a bot would. Then, if the rate at which an account right clicks through objects is significantly higher than the upper range of human activity this raises a red flag. But of course this would have to be one of many red flags to warrant a ban or a heuristics check. @BoredPanda29 In the end, this is probably contributing to banrates to a small or moderate degree depending on the context of the script you're using. Jagex wants to be absolutely sure they aren't banning real players so basing a ban judgment purely on unnecessary right clicking is an unrealistic expectation.
  2. Generate Custom Reaction Times

    So much better than my custom gaussian number generator I was using. Same idea but you took it to the next level. Yeah this is gonna be a fun tool to use for sure.
  3. move the mouse off-scree

    The main issue I was concerned with was that the mouse doesn't re-enter the screen from a different point than it exited from. I believe this will help with manual bans, but heuristics detection is likely not gonna be affected by fixing this. @montime
  4. Thinking about going over to OSBot.

    Is tribot perfect? No, but neither is any other platform. One of the main issues of tribot is the lack of maintenance with some scripts. A lot of scripters make a script, then move on to another project, never to fix major issues with the original. Whenever you are considering using a script, make sure you load the activation page and check when it was last updated. Also be sure to read some of the recent comments so you know what you're getting yourself into.
  5. We DEMAND Emoji Support!

  6. Pickup hack?

    Yeah it is, they were sending ingenuine packets of information to the servers just like you suggested. I'm sure it was the actual server password hacking that got them jailed, idk about the legality of the packet fabrication.
  7. Pickup hack?

    I believe something similar to this was done once before... two players learned server passwords and modified their account records in such a way that it looked like they had picked up thousands of valuable items in-game when in reality they just effectively spawned them. I believe they were jailed.
  8. EvesyChocoGrinder - Grind your chocolate bars!

    I'm more impressed that this chocolate business doesn't involve child slavery @Nestle EDIT: Bob slavery is OK in my book.
  9. Anyone wants to be my partner?

    I have about 40 accounts I would be interested in getting scammed with.
  10. Didn't even know I had an account

    Took you 4 years to post your first comment. WHAT A LURKER!
  11. Getting this error after running for many hours

    I'm guessing an update was pushed for tribot and your current version is outdated. When was this? EDIT could be a connection issue with your proxy or the tribot server. I've had something similar to this before but I've never had to restart the client.
  12. Trading From Bots To Mules - Flagged?

    I'm wonding... was your account originally buying bonds from Jagex directly through a credit card or something before you bought the bond with GP?
  13. Trading From Bots To Mules - Flagged?

    @TristanWPA I believe at higher GP amounts (several hundred mills) there's an increased chance. My only experience with this is getting my mule + associated accounts banned overnight after muling 1+b from separate accounts, 100+k from each account. Huge volume of rapid succession direct trades is probably a big red flag, but I would trade it in smaller bits to reduce risk. Joe's right though, there's not enough info and also the info we know is kept secret a lot of the time. EDIT: I also believe it's not GP traded, in fact it's value traded. So converting GP to items will not help you.

    I don't think you need the JDK, just regular Java is enough (correct me if I'm wrong). The important thing to note is get Java 8, Java 9 is not supported.
  15. Refund request for Delta Woodcutter IAO by TRiLeZ

    @AustinFrancy RS3 is no longer supported by Tribot. I'm not sure why we still even have this sub-forum to be honest.