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  1. Qtulu

    |w| Zulrah Slayer V2 [BETA]

    Congratulations on the release.
  2. Salmon. Turned brightness up, will update in 10 mins. EDIT: Brightness fixed the issue. Thanks.
  3. After deleting .tribot and restarting the client (using LG), the script runs fine for about 5 mins and then breaks again. Anything I can do to prevent this from happening? Gets stuck at 'Clicking interface'.
  4. @Starfox Hey, I am trying to run this script in Al-Kharid, it selects the fish I wanna cook, clicks range and then just keeps clicking around with the interface open, you might want to look into that. Also when banking, it selects withdraw X and instead of writing the number just keeps selecting it over and over again.
  5. Congratz on the release, looks sweet.
  6. @FALLSkills @justpixels Thanks for reaching out! Appreciate it.
  7. Also, I suppose jagexappletviewer.preferences is also to be swiped.
  8. Deleting random.dat + jagex_cl_oldschool_LIVE.dat files after your account was banned is a good way to lessen the chance of other bans when using the same machine (PC/VPS/whatever) + multiple accounts. In Windows, you can find them here: C:\Users\[Your computer account name] Also, I'd like to ask more experienced botters if deleting the whole 'jagexcache' folder found in that same folder is of any help or pointless. Thank you! Q
  9. Qtulu

    how long to age account before botting them.

    In my experience, account age does lower the ban rate, but again bans are a reversed lottery...
  10. Could you be more specific? I'd like to run a small cball farm. When I did back in the day, I used AlphaSmitherPRO, this script however seems to have a high ban rate atm. Considering buying yours.
  11. They don't. I'd recommend at least getting the Waterfall quest done before attempting ANY botting at all. Level 3 bots at furnace (also the furnaces you have access to are limited without basic quests done) get shot down super fast. Not worth the bother.
  12. Qtulu

    most out of the botting

    I also suggest you read every botting forum there is to get a general idea what works and what doesn't.