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  1. Sick dude, happy 4th. Dwase battle practice sketch
  2. Got insta banned within 2 min of fishing lol, think my IP got flagged. Fuck lol, i keep loosing accounts as soon as i make em xD
  3. I dont know if it cause of the update, bots not working. It runs, but when you click start botting it doest attack anything just click random places to walk on the screen. I know its the update but ughhh lol @Pittman, you have to make a brand new post, to re-post an observation of a post. This is whats wrong with our society @Pittman.
  4. @dax, yeah you still got it I am self taught, but had enormous help from my crew. The resources i used were pretty much anything i found on the internet, but my crew just told me to work on letter structure, keep it smiple, dont go crazy with arrows and extensions. My resources are keyboard letters, google images, been looking at Arabic graffiti style. Wanted to somehow incorporate them into my pieces. Mostlyi learned drawing through failure, playing around with what is cool and whats not, whatever flows lol. Not by me.
  5. I'd like to keep it picture related but long story short, at a local rail siding with a group of friends, spot was a bust withtin 20 min, tazer took me down.
  6. Used to, stopped at 20. Got jail, not going back. Mostly just sketch now.
  7. Im so confused lol, but okay man.
  8. Keep getting this message, never received it before. Anyway to fix this error? Edit: re-downloaded, it loaded up, but when click start it gives me this error. I closed all the background Java running on task manager, still gives me this error. Never had this problem before. It also redirects me to purchase VIP. No one else is using my scripts, besides me and i never run more than 1 bot, only have one runescape account. Really hope you guys are not doing this on purpose to gain more VIP Sales, that's really lame man :/ Edit: Changed my password and still gives me the above message ^. That must be one hell of a hacker to get my auth within 10 seconds. this is so annoying, im sorry lol. It works for you because you're VIP. And i understand TRibot developers need to be paid, but don't force it upon us with a crappy update. Just feels like, oh you got hacked, that's okay just buy VIP so you can keep using our bots... I didn't get hacked btw.
  9. Just sent login info, may you message or post here when you're done using my account? thanks again Alpha.
  10. No the script doesn't end by it self, i ended it myself. The script keep running, but its stuck and doesn't right click to make x amount.
  11. [12:32:28] Downloading script 'AlphaSmither Pro'.[12:32:31] Script Started: AlphaSmither Pro.[12:33:51] Script Ended: AlphaSmither Pro.
  12. Gets stuck smithing Mithril knives. Doesn't click make x, doesn't do anything. Smith's steel knives, fine.
  13. Not exactly sure if I'm allowed to post this picture. When your bot fails Copy the Bot Debug & Client Debug and paste/post it here, so that Aropupu can fix the problem. So when the bot fails, copy and paste the debug report here.
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