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  1. The bot keeps trying to run away from combat when it fails a pickpocket. Tested on Ardy Guards. Is anyone else having this same issue for any other NPC's?
  2. I would advise having at least a few 2 hour plus breaks on a weekend as when I got my 2 day ban, it got triggered on the Sunday morning. Also make sure you keep your bank full so that you don't bank things you use frequently, like a hammer.
  3. 2 day ban. Not sure what triggered it as I frequently changed break handler settings and script settings. No complaints with script though.
  4. Could you share your settings with me please. And did you stick with seers or do relekka at 80+ until 90?
  5. Lets also establish exactly what other custom settings you were using as well. Did you use any of the following custom settings? "mouse always goes off screen" "use max deposits" "move camera before clicking on vein" "fix only 1 wheel" Also what were your break handler settings? Personally I think always taking a hammer is less bot like because legit people grinding there are lazy in terms of getting a hammer every time they go to empty sack, it's easier to keep in inv as people will always follow the path of least resistance; same goes for fixing 1 wheel only.
  6. How many hours a day was you botting and did you get a 2 day ban or perm? Also did you have any previous offenses on the account?
  7. Turns out I didn't realize the custom eating amounts are two values that the script generates a number between which ultimately decides what hp it eats at. What level 3's should do is set it to eat at 30% for both values which means that anytime your account is under 3 hp (what Ardy Knights hit) you will always eat. That's where I was going wrong.... script works fine for thieving knights. Two suggestions though: Make the script close the door when you leave the building to bank, instead of leaving it open as this could annoy other players and make them report you out of frustration / having bad manners. Add eating support for pizza's as Kbeatz has suggested. Two bites of a pizza is the same as using two wines, thus doubling the amount of times you can eat before banking at 10hp on level 3 accounts.
  8. +1 to this idea. For level 3's, eating pizzas in two bites is much more efficient for xp and profit because it means that you have the equivalent of two wines per invo slot and therefore they have to bank less. Great idea.
  9. Share settings with me pretty please. PM if you find it easier.
  10. Did some more testing and it turns out no matter which eating setting I choose, it will always forget to eat after working correctly for a bit. Does this for both settings which results in the bot not eating and dying. Also when running to the bank, it withdraws the wrong amount of dodgy necklaces. I have deleted hooks.dat to see if that was causing the issue but nothing has changed. Really disappointed with this bot as it seems the only thing it is good for is stall thieving (which works flawlessly). Whatever the problem is, there is a serious issue with the way it handles eating and if you have a low level account with low HP, I would avoid this script altogether as it will not suit your needs. No hate, little bit peeved considering this is a premium script; added to the fact that I purchased this script today, would appreciate a refund seeing as I've used it for less than 2 hours.
  11. Having an issue where at Ardy Knights I set the script settings to eat between 10-30% hp and the script seems to ignore what I write in it and is instead eating at 40% hp. Also seem to have an issue where the GUI box won't let me change the option back to the abc2 eating setting and the size of the GUI box means that there is overlapping text. Not sure if anyone else is having this problem.
  12. @CyberWizard Brilliant read this is, Would you mind sharing your settings for Aminer, Athieving and Aagility2?
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