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  1. Burlow

    Did any one get banned on 17th

    The bot I had banned yesterday had been created the same day. Its possible it was a bot buster ban but it should normally state that on the account ban page? Right? The script I was using could of set it off.
  2. Burlow

    Did any one get banned on 17th

    I had a bot perma banned today, 18th.
  3. Burlow

    Clicking Flaws

    I was thinking about something like this just the other day.. Interesting to see how Tril responds.
  4. Burlow

    Why does everybody say the client isn't detected?

    TRiBot is spoof'd as a normal Runescape browser applet. There is no way you can be banned for using TRiBot as a legit RS client. The only way TRiBot can get you banned is if you bot using it. Simple as.
  5. Through trial and error with this script I have discovered that making hourly collections can, not will, lead to mules being banned. If you work out roughly how much a slave is gathering an hour you set up the script to clear the slaves before Jagex offices hours begin/the bans begin. It is a really great script that has had a lot of time and effort put into it. No noticeable bugs what so ever. It's a shame that I can no longer use it with it's public release. Twenty odd days of amaze-balls. I really don't care that I never received the other ten days outside of the BETA when the original script bugged. Fantastic work guys keep it up!
  6. It takes me around thirty seconds to import around twenty-five accounts into the manager. Macro programs are gods work.
  7. Very impressive. There are two bugs unfortunately, one not to do with the script more-so how TRiBot handles clicking. If you do not set the position of the furnace last after every other setting, the bot will travel to the bank and just sit there. Aswell as the bot misclicking and starting a game of fisticuffs with the roaming NPC inside of Al Kahid furnace. Other than those two bugs the script is fantastically written, well done! If you need testers for your re-write I'd be happy to help. Thanks!
  8. I'll try get one up in the morning. Running the script as of this post.
  9. Burlow

    ExTutorial - Tutorial solver [ABCL 10] [ACCOUNT CREATOR]

    Keep up the great work!
  10. None of my bots are getting banned. But it's the weekend, the mods are not working. Come Monday morning you will login on to them banned and so will I.
  11. Burlow

    Please, someone make enchant bolts script!

    If it's so simple, do it yourself There are plenty of tutorials on these forums alone.
  12. It'd be nice if this also had the ability to continuously world hop until it found a world with no players.
  13. Burlow

    World Hopping/Anti-Player

    Ooo, Im such a scrub. Thanks for pointing out what should of been very obvious.
  14. Burlow

    World Hopping/Anti-Player

    I'm currently looking for someone to write a world hopping script that runs in the background of other scripts. PM me for more details.
  15. Burlow

    daxFighter AIO [4/7/15]

    I had, I'll look into it further later today and report back. It could be caused by human error somewhere else in the GUI