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  1. Describe your outfit a little bit on your main/mule. I wanna see if it was actually you, that would be fucking hilarious!
  2. I suggest doing what this user said. Alternately, I believe you can buy them with paypal. I am unsure if your paypal needs to be verified though.
  3. that's fucking hilarious. One day i was checking 1 of my bots and it was banking at draynor, and there was a level 3 account dressed pimp as fuck and then atleast 10-15 accounts level 3, I highscore'd and every acc had 50 fishing. Was the funniest thing i've ever seen. He literally had all of draynor bank filled with his bots
  4. i​Hi, ​ I​'ve recently been receiving some errors on my dedicated server. I'm running tribot with JDK1.8.0_60 This is the error I get in my bot debug: http://prntscr.com/8o89cs Also, sometimes the client runs other times it will load after I hit login then close when opening the client (if that makes sense) If you need anything cleared/any questions lemme know!
  5. buying 8 credits for 8.5m PM me!!
  6. Hey, I'm selling 20 M Via Interact E-Transfer ONLY. My price is 1.33 CANADIAN / Mill
  7. Hey Tribot! I need two scripts made, they should be pretty easy. One is a basic miner, the other ill disclose more information with over Skype. Price is to be determined, basically give me a price and we can move on from there. pls comment your skype username. I can pay VIA rsgp/pp
  8. hi tribot! Woke up to 15 bans! was expecting 6, but got completely whiped out haha, not a big deal, the other 9 were expected to get banned tomorrow or the day after anyways. How is everyone else's farm doing? I never really posted in these forums just mainly read around anyways, time to register 15 more accs !
  9. be careful suiciding motherload mine, got 4/10 bans last night.
  10. Are you suicide botting still? How long have you ran the script straight / what is your botting schedule