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  1. Auto Firemaker

    I babysat it a bit, used this since 1 firemaking and didn't really have any major issues. Here's a nice picture:
  2. Auto Agility

    Been running this for almost 2 hours now with zero issues at Canifis Rooftop: I believe I used this for other courses a while back but can't really remember, haven't trained agility in a while but I want full graceful now.
  3. Script is working nicely for me. I used it for men before in lumby and now I am using it for knights in ardy.
  4. To follow up on this, further proof of why auto-responders should be off by default:
  5. TRiBot Release 9.305_10

    Thank you. Much love to you for the fast updates. <3
  6. TRiBot Release 9.305_9

    While I kind of agree with you, that's a really immature way of putting it and I am sure if it was open-source people would be more willing to and able to fix it themselves.
  7. I like this script and it's working great for me so far in Al Kharid but I do have a suggestion - make the auto-responder off by default so people do not accidentally leave it on. I find that auto-responders often bring more attention to you and can make it more obvious you are botting. I hope you consider this suggestion. Thanks.