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  1. OGvisualz

    Script Queue Custom Command

    Ah so it's down to the Developer to put the Script command in. I shall look for some scripts that support that. Thank you
  2. OGvisualz

    Script Queue Custom Command

    Hi, I am new to botting and need some help. I have googled and searched through the forums but have not found anything that would help. i am trying to use Script Queue so the bot will change From one activity to another with Breaks Included Without me having to Change the Gui settings. So fully automated bot i can just leave on its own but i have no idea what to put in the command line to Automate the Gui Process. i have looked and cannot find anything that could help. i'm probably looking in the wrong place. Any help would be Appreciated Thanks
  3. OGvisualz

    Script Queue Custom Command

    Yes, Yes so i open Script Queue, then Select my Script (Usa Fighter), then my account and breaking time, then the Script Command on the Left So it automates the GUI process. But i am Unsure of what to put in the Script command So it Will automate the Gui process. Im sorry i don't think i was clear in my first post.
  4. OGvisualz

    Script Queue Custom Command

    Thank you for the reply, it has the option for a Script command thought? Does it just not read it?