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  1. Hello Tribot Users, I am searching for quite alot of time and didn´t found a scripter, who can help me with fixing my RS3 Script :/ It´s quite a simply script (no combat) and just needs to get updated (Bank ID´s, NPC ID´s) and a little bug has to get fixed If you could help me or just tell me who could Script RS3 for Tribot , and could fix that script for me, please PM Me or Post here in the thread I WOULD BEEE SOOO HAPPY IF I COULD GET THE SCRIPT FIXED!!! Please help me, searching for about 7 Months already.... Thanks Gerni 138
  2. @TRiLeZ Can you fix this script please ? It does say no coins, but I got coins in my pouch...
  3. @JoeDezzy1 Can you fix it for me ? @TRiLeZ
  4. Hello TRIBot Community, I´ve got already a RS3 Script , but it doesnt work I don´t know why. It is based on TRiBot. Now i need somebody who can fix a little issue for me , that it doesn´t click on the NPC in a Shop. It should be done if you are good Scripter in 5 minutes PM Me or Reply here , if you can help Thanks in Advance
  5. Got a already full scripted tanning script for tribot. I think it would just take about 10 minutes to fix, if you know what you do Just need help as its not working correctly Would be happy if you could help me with the RS3 Script Would give a positive Rating Skype Name : felixnaumann1 Thanks in Advance
  6. @JoeDezzy1 can you please read my pm ?
  7. Hey there, can you read my pm ?

  8. @TRiLeZ Please update this script
  9. Welcome !
  10. Can anyone fix the no coins bug ?
  11. Like the Topics said, if i open the loader ( it takes a long time ~ 20Secs) it freezes It says no responding ! On my Win7 Laptop all is running fine !!! Please help me ! I have installed the Windows 10 Beta ! Not sure if Tribot does support it already
  12. Me 2. I hope it gets fixed as soon as possible ! If it runs smoothly i will buy VIP Happy now that it is not a fault by me, with my Setup at RS3 Please fix this script !!! Would be so happy
  13. Doesnt work Same issue : Cant start the script, keeps telling me this I tried having coins visible in the bank and in inventory both didnt work [16:58:17] Bot Panel Command: blue_dragon_leather[16:58:27] We are out of coins. Stopping script.Please any help on this?