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  1. O for the GUI i put no, idrk what that is ! Should i be putting yes? I dont have a mac. I am on windows 7
  2. And I mean what i said in the nicest and most polite way !
  3. Lack of participation happens ALOT and hopping with clan chat needs work. Other than that pretty solid script. I just bought this and need my void asap!! Please update!
  4. Can anybody confirm the spot outside of the house where you start waterfall quest? Or the spot i posted earlier still nobody has confirmed
  5. Can anybody confirm the spot south of west bank and south of the anvils in one of the houses right by the shop with the light bulb!
  6. DUDE IK. I've been running 3 accounts non-stop since tribot was up and nothing.. all in what i consider decent spots too