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  1. [11:51:41] java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space and the scripts just end? tried googling this error and cant find a way to fix it. please help and again sorry
  2. Hi sorry if this has been asked a bunch. I figure that it has but I cant find any threads or posts and please trust that I searched a ton...Anyway My combat stats are 65+str def range 70+ mage and 70attack 70 prayer soooo What low key places can I use this bot to make some gp? Not looking to get banned so anywhere low key please please and idc if it's only 20k profit an hour lol does not matter. Would just like to make some passive gold whilst I train. This bot is awesome and I trust it. Either way even if none of yall can help again Thanks to the Script maker and hope yall have blessed lives Thanks
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