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  1. wait did you just say 30 to 42 years old??? L))l0l0l0l0l00l0l. IM< HAMMERED BUT THAT DOSNT SOUND RIGHT BRO LIKE RUNeSCAPE WAS ONLY MADE LIKE 10 YEARS AGO
  2. Don't bot on it again unless you want to be perm banned
  3. invest in p2p botting. f2p is quite shit
  4. bro wat did u say the topic got deleted lol

    1. Bot god

      Bot god

      ummm what topic was it LOL

    2. Rapidz


      the one where i insinuated that mute watches midget porn, the kid got mad and removed my avatar, lel http://i.imgur.com/OHowpBP.gif

  5. I lasted over a month on 2 fresh accounts one lasted to about 25m hunt xp. Great script but lately jagex has been watching hunter very closely
  6. If they removed the report system people would think that they could do what ever they want. I think it works to some extent but they most likely get thousands and thousands of reports per day on rs3 and 07 and cant deal with all of them.
  7. One time i was botting an account at abyss nature runes and my account was lasting for so long I wanted to see if reporting even effected my account because people would always tell me that i was "reported" for botting. I used my other 7-8 botting accounts to report my own account twice each on all of my accounts. Nothing happened and the account ended up going all the way to 95 runecrafting before it got banned
  8. Older accounts ( over a year ) with high level for me always get a 2 day ban before a 14 day ban then a perm ban. But on fresh accounts just always get banned first time for me
  9. nevermind found the awesome id look up feature!
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