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  1. i can do vs 20m aswell add me, if interested
  2. i can do vs 10m if interested lmk
  3. its nice
  4. i would use looking glass aswell if its a main account your trying to keep it happened because jagex has recently gotten better at detection for normal clients n such aswell as better ones :"( so you have to bot smart and not in "hot zones" so you cna avoid bans on accounts you care about i personally suicide bot ( i re make them every week ) but also have accounts i like to keep unbanned too with ym own methods ;p but its best for you to have a legit account on your main ip then a vps with your bots that way you can test and see what works without being destoryd by chain bans
  5. Dye

    you can see if one is available or you could maybe get a new scripter to attempt this for you on the oldschool scripter threads would cost maybe 5m max but should be worth if your doing for cash gains you might find one that could do for free aswell maybe to gain experience or rep but your best bet would be to pm them and see if someone responds back <#
  6. dont ever bot on an account you care about always use a vps too that way you can keep your bots separated from your main account n wealth holders
  7. atleast nothing was caused by him doing it and he was active/helpful/ and is now sorry for what "petty" things he did 6 months ago like what 2-3 feedback maybe comon ppl he would of kept doing it to scam someone if that was his intention but he stopped and even tho he got caught isnt like he could just tell them too sooo vs all these scammers out there im sure he helped atleast 3 people out since he stopped and thats worth something too
  8. To be fair all this would have been all avoided if you moved all your shit over to another account if you dont have 100% proof of everything nothing can really be done, since you could have logged in and taken it yourself. even if you didn't if you don't prove it than it is what it is. you should understand that when "buying a service" if you don't then you deserved it :/
  9. either you start doing this smart otherwise you wont make it and will start to lose money instead of making it noone is going to hand things out to you and if they are its prob almost not even worth it and there not making all that for 1-3 hours lol maybe that much per week or sumthing but your vision of gold farming is extremely screwed and i would suggest you get a job "in real life" youd be better off
  10. i would suggest playing legit and botting your spare time otherwise you'll kill yourself off
  11. dont bot an account you want to keep get a vps to seperate your things otherwise a chain ban will occur looking glass reduces ( BAN SPEEDS ) up to 50% + but you will still get BANNED
  12. you need atleast 100 posts to send 5 credits
  13. you sure you have scripts? post above is what you have todo but i would'nt suggest doing that with free scripts tho you also have to buy prem scripts aswell since tribot dont have vip scripts and such
  14. make a gold farm then keep profits 100% i think thast how you do it but i may be wrong not sure