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  1. Oh my god, thank you so much, you saved my life Thanks, i tried so many things... Thx Works now
  2. So i installed windows 10 and for some reason i can't open TriBot anymore, it has internet.explorer icon... I've tried everything, i've installed java, restarted computer, then i tried to open that file with (open with: java) java. Nothing seems to help, now i'm sad and i don't know what to do... Any one had same problem and fixed it somehow?
  3. Great script, worked very well, but yesterday it started douing something weird. Basically when 1 person comes, it logs out to another world and when it logs to the new world, there is no one and it still keeps changing the worlds, please fix?
  4. What about future updates such as using "silent gloves", what gives even more profit- wheres that update? Have been waiting it about 5 months already.
  5. I bought this script some months ago and now its removed from my account? wtf? I paid for it, and it said its lifetime... I want my script back!
  6. So i have 99 thieving and i am making money at master farmers, but there is small problem... With 99 thieving + silence gloves i dont fail at all at master farmers, and i really hate that ALL scripts are same. The point is, if i get stuff from random events, it doesnt bank them or drop them, so i always have to baby sit bot and drop them myself..Also scripts are wasting time on dropping junk seeds, so i dont mind if i get junk seeds, dont need to drop junk seeds if i already have seeds i want in my inventory, like, ranarr seeds, snapdragon seeds and others.. so i need script what just spam clicks on master farmer without dropping junk seeds or anything, and i dont need inventory for good seeds cuz they will stack.. Sorry for my bad english lol. But can anyone add this feature to script? Using silence gloves and wont waste time on dropping junk seeds cuz i have mains seeds in inventory already and it doesnt need space for other seeds. So just add script what spam clicks on masterfarmer and uses silence gloves, so it will be good for people who have 99 thieving... I hope someone understand my english and can relate to this problem... Maybe someone can explain it better?
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