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  1. unbrakeable6

    TriBot and Windows 10....

    Oh my god, thank you so much, you saved my life Thanks, i tried so many things... Thx Works now
  2. unbrakeable6

    TriBot and Windows 10....

    So i installed windows 10 and for some reason i can't open TriBot anymore, it has internet.explorer icon... I've tried everything, i've installed java, restarted computer, then i tried to open that file with (open with: java) java. Nothing seems to help, now i'm sad and i don't know what to do... Any one had same problem and fixed it somehow?
  3. Stun/Alch is broken as fuck, works very badly misclicks and runs around, can't u make it a llittle bit easier to use? I did get all settings right, so it's not my problem.. Please fix this.
  4. Great script, worked very well, but yesterday it started douing something weird. Basically when 1 person comes, it logs out to another world and when it logs to the new world, there is no one and it still keeps changing the worlds, please fix?
  5. What about future updates such as using "silent gloves", what gives even more profit- wheres that update? Have been waiting it about 5 months already.
  6. I bought this script some months ago and now its removed from my account? wtf? I paid for it, and it said its lifetime... I want my script back!