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  1. Up and running? edit; script is currently broken. Cannot pull gear and gets stuck trying to load it. You have to use task manager to end the process otherwise it will be indefinitely stuck.
  2. Any idea when the script will be updated to fit the change in Zulrah patterns? Or will it automatically adjust?
  3. I had a friend, current VIP, to check through everything and a majority of the scripts don't work anymore. I've spent at least $350 on scripts through tribot alone.
  4. So 90% of the scripts are broken and out of date, most of these scripts are from 2013. Hardly any of them work, yet they're still on the repos?
  5. Could you add Cosmics? No one else has a cosmic script at the moment. I'd be willing to donate if it turned out well.
  6. Hopefully this does the trick. I'm guessing with that game.getworld, if world 85 or 86 logout and hop worlds? We'll see in a few hours if it's good enough to pass their "new and improved system".
  7. Why is it still downloading your alching script?
  8. So recently there have been some kids on tribot that have posted fake links, JDB'd some kids or got their accounts banned mysteriously after using a link. I advise all of you to never click anyone's link on this site, as we're on the underground of runescape. No one here wants to help you, everyone here wants to hurt you. Be careful kiddos.
  9. One of my bot accounts has been running for over 72 hours straight now, I shut it off to give it a test and nothing. Sorry buddy edit; DO NOT CLICK HIS LINK DO NOT CLICK HIS LINK IT IS FAKE. PLEASE TRILEZ DELETE THIS POST AND HIS ACCOUNT
  10. We all know that the premiums on the repo will stay, but for those of us that are using a mixture of free/premium scripts this would be a good option while the DDoS attacks continue. This way the vast majority of tribot may continue what they're doing while this is happening. Instead of 80% not able to use their scripts, maybe 30% would be better? Just an idea.
  11. THIS BOT DOES NOT WORK starts then immediately ends
  12. [10:47:26] Script Started: Cosmic Crafter .[10:51:12] java.lang.ClassCastException: fm cannot be cast to java.lang.Integer[10:51:12] at org.tribot.api2007.Game.getRunEnergy(te:941)[10:51:12] at scripts.CosmicCrafter.TaskSwitch(g:45)[10:51:12] at scripts.CosmicCrafter.run(g:464)[10:51:12] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[10:51:12] Script Ended: Cosmic Crafter . it's really broken
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